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Hiring Williams Data Protection Services

by rubybadcoe

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Data is one of the most valuable assets of any Los Angeles business, but you'll be surprised how many out there don't take enough measures to protect it. Ask yourself: if the hard drive on your server failed, how long before your company is fully operational again? Below are four rules of data protection that will ensure your business will be up and running in no time at all, no matter what happens.

Keep backup copies of electronic data off-site

In case of a natural disaster, having all backup copies of your data within business premises is not a good idea. You can use online backup services, such as Williams data protection for LA companies. LA is prone to earthquakes because it lies in close proximity to the San Andreas Fault, so if that happens, you'll be glad you opted for outside backup services.

Encrypt sensitive data

Encryption becomes even more important when your data is stored in a different location and is obtained via Internet. There are many options to encrypt data; you can use databases, applications, security suites and the like. Encrypted data is considered secure, so in the event of a breach, you are assured that your data will be safe from ultimate compromise.

Restrict access to your business data

All employees do not need access to your business data. For computer data, you need to set up users and permissions so that only key personnel will have access to them. For physical data such as paper documents and CDs, store these in locking file cabinets and put them in rooms that lock separately. Give out keys only to trusted employees who need access.

Protect your computers against power outages

Your data may be safe and encrypted off-site, but they will be of no use to you if you don't have computers to access them. To prevent this, purchase Uninterrupted Power Sources (UPS) for your computers. Aside from keeping your electronic equipment up and running during an outage, UPS also helps protect your equipment from power surge damage.

Data protection measures—such as hiring Williams data protection services—are meant to prevent particular crises from happening and help you recover from a disaster quickly. By investing time and money on data protection tools, you can be sure your business continues to operate even when tragedy strikes. Learn how to protect your computers from an earthquake by visiting

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