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Online Businesses Boom With Custom FileMaker Solutions

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Technology has taken a new turn, progressing at a faster pace. The latest developments in technology can be seen and felt in many industries, be it Healthcare, Communication, Business and Education. So much is happening in the world of the web these days, especially in terms of commercial activity at all levels, all industries are planning to get online and reach to millions of users through web.

Plenty of sites know that FileMaker is a software solution they can rely on to help them handle a wide range of tasks on their web site, but what many do not yet know is that a custom FileMaker solution is possible for them which can really help them integrate all sorts of valuable 3rd party services without doing development from scratch. FileMaker database development hence has picked up steam to create highly customizable cross-platform database solutions. Now that developers are rising to the top which truly understand all of the capabilities that FileMaker can bring to the table, much more efficient, sensible and powerful solutions are being developed which can greatly enhance any web site's ability to do business. It was developed by Apple in 1992 and since then serving millions of web users worldwide.

FileMaker with its custom work is of the highest value in this case because a business really does need its site to be in top form if they are going to present the customer with the easiest shopping experience that is required to earn sales online today. With new versions and releases FileMaker supports multitasking, improved media integration, export of data to multiple formats, enhanced container-fields and allows users to modify the database by dragging new elements into the layouts, screens or forms. With FileMaker design attractive and useful printed reports can be generated. FileMaker's new-layout wizard tries to make things easy, the layout design is too important to be done on automatic.

A wide variety of tasks can be handled well in FileMaker:

  • Digital media data can be organized well, it can easily track tasks and projects, check inventory and much more.

  • It provides 16 built-in Starter Solutions — professionally designed templates customized for your iPad, iPhone and desktop as well.

  • Collect and organize documents, music, images, and more. Includes version history tracking for content management system.

  • Managing inventory levels of products and supplies. Track category, value, last order date and more.

  • It generates customized invoices, allowing users to record, manage and print neat invoices with customer details etc.

  • The FileMaker user interface makes it so that these smaller business users, with little to no financial resources, can start a database of their own without having to invest too much money or effort.

  • Creating dynamic charts of your FileMaker data are now easier than ever.

  • It is user friendly and all kinds of users will love to use FileMaker.

  • FileMaker to offer its mobile solution for free in the Apple iTunes Store. Customers and developers can now more easily test and deploy mobile database solutions.

  • Brings new features making your mobile solution more versatile and powerful: users can now record video and audio directly into container fields and export data. New location functions now allow developers to rapidly create location-aware mobile database applications.

  • This function is context independent, so data can be queried regardless of what layout/table occurrence you are in.

  • This level of outsourcing can do a great deal for a business venture that is very much attuned to the profit potential of excellent custom software solutions.

FileMaker is an excellent choice for all kinds of organizations which deal with a perfect complement of features and power. It delivers the ability to automatically update and deploy plug-ins to clients across the network. This high-performance relational database engine accelerates FileMaker operations over a network both by increasing the speed of database operations and by allowing up to 250 simultaneous guests per server-while hosting up to 125 database files.These capabilities make it an excellent choice for departments and workgroups in any size business.

We provide filemaker development services. If you would like to know what makes us expert filemaker developers, please contact us at Mindfire Solutions.

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