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Help old age people by understanding their requirements

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There are several aspects that are drawn in taking care and providing home support for the elderly. Having a good amount of understanding in relation to different requirements of the senior citizens is very important for all the family members who have the responsibility of looking after their old family members, like their parents or grandparents.

Health is the main requirement to look after when it comes to taking care of elderly. With the growing age, body has a tendency to slow down and turns into being less efficient. Old people are likely to experience some age-related health problems, as well. This is a common feature of life and one cannot help it. But, through good care, one can unquestionably help in keeping nearly all of these health problems in check and stopping them from causing any severe harm.

An old family member, whose mobility has happened to be restricted because of aging, would call for a certain amount of help in his or her everyday routine. Usually, it is not feasible for working couples to be around the elder member of the family, the entire day; in that case one can count on their children to help old age people. This can be helpful, mainly if the person needs help in basic activities like walking etc.

Just because they have turn into being old and slow, does not mean that you should pay no attention to them or allow them be confined to themselves. Just keep in mind that in some years down the line, you yourself will be in their place. Interact with them and make them feel wanted, take care of them and make them feel loved.

One should try their best to fulfill all the basic needs of the elders, so that they are able to live their old age blissfully and happily.

HelpAge’s SAVE - Student Action for Value Education program’s central focus is about helping the senior citizens by making school children sensitive about elderly problems early in life, hence they take care of their elderly with affection and concern and become aware of their problems in detail.

SAVE, a children educational support program is designed to instill morals of care as well as respect for the old people in school going kids, preparing today’s children & youngsters for their old age and last but not the least forming an age friendly world.

All member schools set up a SAVE committee, which has a mandate to conclude the 3 core values of SAVE into action via different programs and projects, both inside the school as well as the community, in general.

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