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How To Identify Genuine Luxury Watches Like The Bell & Ross

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If you are buying any popular brand of jewelry, then you are likely to stumble on fake accessories. These knockoffs and replicas are hardly anything from the real thing and you will only get disappointed if you’re not cautious. They are known to have a lifespan of less than 2 years plus they have parts that are poorly assembled.

Popular Brands

The popular brands of watches such as Rolex have been the target of fakes for a very long time. The people behind these knockoffs need to make money fast, before the law catches up with them. They also track down trends and may replicate more recent trendy brands like the Mont Blanc watches. They need to imitate brands that are popular, in order to make a profit from their underpriced brands that rely on the mass market.

There are many different types of timepieces available in the market from different brands as well as new and used ones. Price cannot be a perfect indicator because of these variables. However, there are price that should raise flags. $150 to $200 Longines Watches are definitely not genuine. You also need to note that some knockoffs and replicas may be more extravagantly priced to create the impression that they are genuine.

Watch Assembly

Another thing you need to do is to check the assembly. The Bell & Ross watches have a decorative screw on the corners of the face. However, the fake ones may have a real screw. Also check the strap mechanism, the manufacturer does not design pieces with varying features. If the genuine one has a strap and buckle mechanism you shouldn’t buy anything varying from that. You will have to do research online to establish this.

Manufacturers Serial Number and Mark

One way to tell if the piece is genuine is to look for the manufacturers sign or mark. If you are buying citizen watches Canada for instance, then all you have to do is to check its serial number. Some manufacturers can be contacted via email and may probably answer in a few days.

There are many reasons why people buy knockoffs and fakes. Some buy them not knowing they are bogus but there are those that do not see the point of a genuine one. Buying knockoffs is not only unfair for the manufacturer but the whole society. The people behind them are often use it to fund other illegitimate schemes. Whether you are looking for Police or Mont Blanc watches make sure you buy genuine ones.

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