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5 Reasons to Build Your E-commerce Site with Magento

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With more and more business going online, the developers have to frequently create and upgrade web stores. Based on the nature and type of his client’s business, a website develop has options to choose from a number of e-commerce frameworks. But in comparison to other frameworks, a large percentage of online stores are developed on the Magento platform. Many reports have further highlighted the growing popularity of Magento as an open source and powerful e-commerce platform.

At the five-year anniversary of the Magento ecommerce platforms, Ben Pressley, the company’s head of worldwide sales, highlighted the key factors that have contributed towards Magento’s growth over the years. To quote from his interview, “A number of factors have contributed to Magento's growth over the past years. As consumers are increasingly empowered by unprecedented access to tools and information, ever-ready to experiment with new services and tailor them to what they want, merchants are increasingly looking for ever greater scalability, flexibility and speed to market without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the design and scale of the web store, you can always use Magento to build websites to meet specific needs of the clients. The platform also allows you to develop robust e-commerce websites using three frameworks, such as, Magento Community, Magento Enterprise, and Magento Go. Further, the open source software can be easily customized by developers to meet the needs of different businesses. Along with developing the e-commerce websites, you can also avail the support and hosting provided by Magento to start selling your products online in no time.

5 Reasons Why Magento Scores Over Other E-Commerce Development Frameworks

    • 1) Flexibility and Easy Customization: In comparison to conventional web store development framework, Magento is highly customizable. So a developer can easily and quickly build e-commerce websites according to the needs and budget of clients. As the website source code can be viewed by users, they can customize the tools to avail specific advantages. Further, the Magento modular architecture enables you to make websites by targeting the right segment of customers. You can also purchase a set of plugins, and add these to the website through modular interface to achieve specific objectives.
    • 2) Loads of Features and Special Tools: Developers often choose a software platform that offers them several features and tools. Magento is popular among the major online retailers due to its specialized tools and convenient features. These features further allow developers to create multiple web stores simultaneously using just a single backend Customer Management System (CMS). So you can store all the information about several e-commerce websites in a single admin-panel, and update the web stores within a few minutes.
    • 3) Smooth Integration with Third-Party Services: Unlike a normal website, an e-commerce website needs to be integrated with several third party services. The website developers often have to write additional codes to integrate their website with third-party services. But Magento makes it easier for developers to integrate the websites with a variety of third-party services that are essential for smooth running of the web stores. In addition to integrating the e-commerce portal with payment gateways, shipping services, and databases, Magento further enables webmasters to stay connected with their clients and search engines.
    • 4) Higher Search Engine Ranking: Nowadays, a web store gets a large portion of his customers through major search engines. Many online business owners even spend a lot of money to enhance the ranking and visibility of websites on major search engine result pages. Magento is hugely popular among the web store owners as a search engine friendly e-commerce platform. You can use its built-in SEO feature to get more website visitors through Google. Also, you can use the analytic information provided by Magento to know and target the right customers. The lead tracking system further helps in increasing the conversion rate optimization (CRO) by offering the right products and promotional offers.
    • 5) Constant Support and Updates: Being open source software, Magento is being updated by developers with quick bug fixes and new features. The community also provides constant online support to the website developers and web store owners. Many developers even launch special add-on programs and templates to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce websites. You can even get Magento support through a large number of forums and online content. These options further make it easier for your to fix certain problems without putting any extra time and effort.

A large percentage of online transactions are being carried out through smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. So the e-commerce websites must be customized for a wide variety of mobile devices. Magento makes it easy for developers to target the huge base of mobile users by supporting mobile e-commerce for the web as wells a mobile version of the web stores. This is what makes magento application development hugely popular.

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