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Being Kind to Your Budget with Cheap Envelopes

by anonymous

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Cheap envelopes for school projects, presentations, archiving, and for containing papers are here to stay. They are easy on the budget so you can buy as many as you need. That’s why so offices use them for filing and archiving documents. They’re also used in academic environments for filing and archiving. This kind of document container is also used for presentations, particularly if the school or office activity requires that you use quite a number of envelopes. With inexpensive document containers, you have a better chance of staying within your budget.


So it becomes important, then, for some projects at least, to be more creative and find ways to make the most of your document containers. Being a smart shopper goes a long way towards finding great document containers to work with. So create your shopping list. Establish some “rules,” so to speak. How expensive and how cheap can you go with the envelope prices? What are you’re the acceptable qualities that your project requires? If you will be placing thicker or heavier items inside, you should make sure not to get thin envelopes. Get sturdier ones.    


Cheap envelopes are typically what you would buy in bulk so you need to make sure that you are getting document containers that are not just inexpensive but also functional. They should be able to carry the items that you’re going to distribute. Durability is also another major concern if you will be using the document containers for mass sending.   


Cheap Envelopes: From Shopping List to Creative List


Cheap envelopes that are useful and functional come in the right sizes. They shouldn’t be too big for the items that they are going to carry because in most cases that could just lead to damage, with the items mostly moving or sliding inside the document containers while in transit. And in some cases – if you don’t want to fold papers, for example – the document containers should not be too small.  


It would help if you have a specific envelope size in mind. Envelope sizes, by the way, correspond to some paper sizes so if you already have a paper size in mind you’re well on your way to finding the right size envelopes. The usual envelope sizes include C4, C5, and C6. If you are going to use the document containers for mass sending, you might want to consider using window envelopes so you won’t have to print the address on the document container.     


You also have a choice between pocket envelopes and banker envelopes. Pocket envelopes are accessible on the sides while banker envelopes are accessible on the long side of the document container. However, if your items don’t really require that the document container opens on the sides or on the long side you should just go for the least expensive envelopes.   


Once you’re done shopping for your inexpensive envelopes, you can sit down and think of ways to make them stand out. This would be particularly useful for projects that require more creativity and flair. If it’s for a more formal project, make sure you don’t go overboard.   


You might want to ask a friend who is artistic or has a design or art training to help you out with the designs for the cheap envelopes, particularly if you want to go for more complex designs. That’s what I did. I observed my friend, who is a Fine Arts major, and asked him for some design tips which went on to serve me well when I took on the next envelope design project on my list.

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