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Learn about the Many Benefits of SUP

by bamboosup

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Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. This sport that originated in Hawaii has numerous health benefits that make it popular among millions of health conscious individuals around the globe. It is considered as a fantastic full body workout. In SUP, a person has to rely on his strength and balance in order to stay upright and moving through water. People who want to try SUP can begin to do so by looking for SUP boards for sale from a reputable stand up paddle board company.

One of the best health benefits of SUP is the way it increases the fitness levels of those who engage in it. SUP is an ideal cross-training sport as those who engage in it will have to use their muscles in the legs, back, arms, feet and stomach. It also taps various muscles that don’t get worked out a lot by other sports or physical activities. It is not surprising that people who are into SUP have nicely toned, strong bodies.

In particular, SUP provides a good workout for one’s torso.  As people who do SUP have to balance themselves through water, the core muscles of the stomach and lower back are worked out.  In SUP, a person has to balance his body weight from one foot to the other, pulling himself forward over the paddle. There are various muscles that are targeted when a person engages in SUP, like Latisimus dorsi, the mid-back muscle that gives the “V” shape and the deltoids that are wrapped around the upper shoulder joint. The Triceps brachi is another muscle group that is worked out when a person engages in SUP.

People who want to develop six pack abs should try SUP, which also works out the legs. SUP likewise helps in improving a person’s cardiovascular as paddling and movement may leave one short of breathe, at first, but may help develop stronger lungs later on. 

Finally, most people who do SUP also have good skin. Ocean water, being naturally salty, can have a positive effect on the skin as salt can draw out toxins and dirt.

These are just some of the many health benefits of SUP.  Anyone who’s interested in trying SUP and experiencing its varied health benefits can start by looking at SUP boards for sale offered by a reputable stand up paddle Board Company; like Elixir Board Co.

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