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What You Need To Know About LCD TV Installation

by swethar

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So you have bought a LCD TV and itching to turn it on!  However, before you can indulge in some viewing pleasure you have to mount it first.  LCD TV installation is a simple enough process and many people opt to do the task themselves.  Now, whether you will be able to do it or not is tough to say, it all depends on your past record of DIYs, think back and try to remember (honestly) whether there have been more successes or disasters during your DIYs.  It would be terrible to see your brand new LCD crashing on the floor and splitting to bits for wrong installation!

To help you decide whether you can indeed carry out the installation process, here are some of the details that do into LCD TV installation:

Mounts:  As you might have noticed, LCD TVs seem to be stuck directly on the walls but the truth is they are fixed onto mounts that have been screwed into the walls.  When LCD was first introduced, many people feared that the TV might just fall, since placing a TV on a solid stand seemed much more secured.  However, once you experience the whole LCD TV installation process, you will find that the TV is literally drilled into the wall, which makes it much more secured.  This is specifically true when it comes to thefts and robberies.  While in older televisions all one had to do is pick it up and run, in these systems one must actually uninstall the thing. 

Another thing about mounts is that there are many different kinds available.  One is fixed, the other is tilt mount with up and down movement and lastly the articulating mount that allows you to tilt the TV in several direction.  It is always advisable to go for the articulating mount as it offers a lot of flexibility in viewing.  If you install a fixed mount and want the benefits of an articulating one later, it would mean you have to go through the whole LCD TV installation process again.

Wiring:  Even if you do manage to do the mounting yourself, the wiring is where things get tricky.  You might find easy guide for the mount but the wiring needs a bit more knowledge in the area.  Most people prefer to go for in-wall wiring.  Now, this is something that is best left to professional electricians.  As non professionals we would not know where to drill and where not to and there are high chances of coming across high voltage wires.  However, if you run the cables on the outside of the walls, it is easier to do, just make sure to hide the wires with plastic moulding for a flawless LCD TV installation.


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