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Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Morning Sickness During

by nixpolking

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It is quite impossible to cure nausea during pregnancy, but you could definitely use home remedies for morning sickness to get over that unpleasant feeling. It is best to eat more frequent and small meals during pregnancy. This helps starve hunger pangs that cause nausea. I would suggest that it is better to take 5 to 6 meals a day rather than 3 square meals. The reason for this is that the stomach reacts better when there is not much food to digest.

The next of the home remedies for morning sickness requires that it is not advisable to drink water during meals, as this would add bulk to the stomach and instill feelings of nausea and vomiting. It is best to remain as light as possible, but it is also necessary to be hydrated with drinking water in between meals. So do follow this rule during morning sickness, “Never drink and eat at the same time”.

In extreme cases of nausea, home remedies for morning sickness should involve being on a liquid diet that helps keep the stomach light and also keeps the body well hydrated. It would greatly help in avoiding caffeine and carbonated beverages and opting for ginger ale that settles the stomach. Sipping soup, broths and billions and healthy smoothies by blending proteins would also help.

The best home remedies for morning sickness lies in avoiding spicy and fried foods that upset the stomach and initiate feelings of nausea and vomiting. In addition strong odors that cause nausea need to be identified and those foods avoided. It is best to consume starchy and bland foods such as potatoes, breads, chicken soup, fruits, plain vegetables and cereals that have a soothing effect.

Some have experienced home remedies for morning sickness in eating salty snack like pretzels or potato chips that help settle the stomach before a meal. It has also been found that lemon, ginger and peppermint teas provide relief from nausea and prove to be very soothing. It has been found that making tea out of crushed anise or fennel seeds helps to cure heartburn, while gingerroot used in tea helped to cure nausea. Peppermint tea taken at night help to suppress nausea before it begins.

Some more of the home remedies for morning sickness include avoiding sudden jerks when changing posture or getting out of bed. Travelling to and fro to work should be done in a comfortable mode of transport. It is best to take care that the room at home and at work is well ventilated to make you feel fresh. It would prove useful to keep some hand towel and wet wipes that are lemon or orange scented handy, because they could help you feel fresh and alleviate nausea. It would also be advisable to do some exercises like walking, pranayam, and breathing exercises that help keep the mind diverted and promotes a feeling of wellbeing and freshness. Walking early in the morning helps get some fresh air too, and frequent deep breaths helping in keeping mind off nausea.

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