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Masturbation Is The Cause Of Hair Loss

by adultmart

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With the increase of pornography in the internet the sex urge of people have increased. It is not possible to get a sex partner always. Therefore, at these times people prefer to masturbate. It is not a vital topic to discuss about the masturbation. Masturbation is not a great job. However, every male and female masturbates to be satisfied himself or herself. Male masturbators masturbate so many times in a week and getting addicted to it. Getting it as a habit puts bad effect on body. In addition, it is a job that is preferred by many female and male masturbators to reduce stress. Male masturbation is a more common thing than female masturbation. Boys do it more than girls do. Porn movie increases the male masturbation. In our life, we have heard many more things about masturbation. Different masturbation related information is false. Like more masturbation causes cancer, by doing masturbation your size of penis will be reduced, dry semen will occur, more masturbation will lead to homosexuality and any other information are false. By doing this, the chance of prostate cancer is reduced. The disease caused by sex is aids and other sorts of infections are not originated by masturbation. Some people have idea that masturbation causes pimples and reduction in eyesight. Throw these false ideas from your mind.

For male masturbators one thing they need to know that over masturbation causes some problems later. It may cause hair loss and sex time reduction after your marriage. Another disadvantage is that it may become a habit. Erection of penis may be abnormal later and your partner may be dissatisfied. Here some medicines are useful for men. Abnormal erection is due to the low blood flow to the penis. Therefore, the erectile tissue never works properly. Medicines enhance the blood flow to your penis and enlargement of penis will be usual. More masturbation may bind you to take medicine regularly before sex and that is a bad habit.

Many female and male masturbators are of teen age and pre teen age. In those age lack of knowledge about sex make them habituated in masturbation and the effect of it arises problem in later in life. So proper education about sex is required for teenaged people. Many myths are there about masturbation. These are not a problem. The thing is that education of wrong and right in masturbation is useful to maintain a good sex life. By this people will be able to get correct knowledge about masturbation. Today masturbation is a common thing in men. In addition, hair loss is another common thing that occurs with men. In recent studies, it is seen that frequent masturbation and ejaculation has some effect on hair loss. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced by male body. This hormone is essential for erection, sex urge and ejaculation. Another hormone related to is called DHT, which is responsible for hair loss in case of men. As in the old age, there is a shortage of testosterone hence hair loss occurs then it is suspected that hair loss is due to more sexual activities.

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