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Tips on Cutting Blinds for Window treatment in Washington,DC

by reneveeravalli

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Windows have a host of crucial features for your home in Washington, DC, or anywhere you may be, from illumination to viewing, and even to let air into your home. Yet, it's great to know that all these can be much further enhanced on by utilizing the suitable window treatment in Washington, DC, such as blinds. However, if you've just discovered that the blinds you purchased are too long for your window, here's a guide on how to handle correctly cutting them.

Keep the blinds raised so that you can tie them up more efficiently. Secure them with pieces of string or elastic band. Make sure that the latter two are wound tight enough to keep the blinds from relocating or slipping when cutting. You must also wrap some tape around both ends of the blinds; this prevents the pieces from splitting or nicking.

Measure your window's length horizontally or vertically, depending on the orientation of your blinds. Then take the blinds' dimensions next. From these figures, identify just how much you require to cut off. If you have horizontal ones, divide this number into 2, as you will should cut an equal piece from each end, whereas for vertical ones, you just have to reduce from the bottom end. Use a pencil to mark just where the cut must be made.

You will need a power saw with the suitable cutters and some sandpaper. Make sure to wear some security goggles when you run the saw. For horizontal blinds, you will need to cut through the valance, the ornamental fabric that conceals the mounting hardware, unless doing so will ruin any of the mechanical parts. If you wish to keep the initial length of the valance, make sure to conceal it with drapes or window cover.

Eliminate the covers or tape that you placed over the ends. Use sandpaper to sand down the cut portions. Unwrap the strings or rubber bands and hang the blinds. Make sure that your vertical blinds don't drag onto the floor or window ledge. Lastly, guarantee that horizontal blinds look equally cut.

Setting up blinds in DC homes produce more aesthetic value and can even offer you more privacy. When cutting, offer enough attention to information so that you may keep the final product still looking and working excellent. For more details, check out

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