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The composition and working principle of the Toshiba adapter

by onlvyy

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Notebook adapter is a high-precision, high-efficiency switching power supply, its role is to 220V AC power is converted to low voltage DC to provide stable power to the laptop to work properly, it has even been called a notebook of power source ".

Inside the Toshiba PA3714U-1ACA AC power adapter is a switching power supply high voltage, high current state, the workload is heavy, and is fully enclosed structure, no cooling holes on the shell, the internal fan assisted cooling, and thus the power adapter at work The internal temperature is high. Especially in the hot summer, touching the surface can feel hot to the touch, the internal temperature is even higher. Thus, in the day-to-day office, entertainment to it the proper care and maintenance.

To create a favorable thermal environment. Using a laptop in a high temperature environment, the Toshiba PA3714E-1AC3 AC power adapter should be placed away from direct sunlight and airy place; power adapter on the laptop near the cooling air outlet, otherwise not only the heat of the power adapter does not go out, To absorb some of the heat.

In the hot summer, we can put the adapter side, in order to increase the contact area of the adapter with the air, so that the adapter better dissipate heat. In order to obtain a better cooling effect, we can pad between the Toshiba PA3468E-1AC3 AC adapter and desktop into a narrow block of plastic or metal block, around the adapter to increase the air flow speed, speed up the adapter's heat.

Regardless of any power supply has a certain resistance, so when the Toshiba PA3469U-1ACA power supply output current when internal pressure drop equal to the output current multiplied by the internal resistance of the power supply. The voltage drop will result in two things, a heat is generated, equal to the output current squared multiplied by the internal resistance, so the power will be hot, another nominal voltage is the output voltage becomes less internal voltage drop, resulting in lower output voltage.

Usual design the finished heat problem,the Toshiba PA3715U-1ACA AC adapter generally limited to a current value when the output current reaches the value of the output voltage is reduced to 95% of the nominal voltage, or other ratio, the manufacturers can be set according to the load the different needs of given a higher or lower ratio, the current value is the nominal current.

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