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Tips to Showcase Your Work Effectively Using Portfolio

by pixpadesign

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Online portfolio websites are a must for photographers. Specially the freelance photographers. This is a digital scrapbook for the photographers to showcase their photos to the clients that live all over the world. Imagine when you were just a kid and you have kept all your designs in a scrap book, and your uncle next door comes to see it. The child with the best collection in the neighborhood will win home a prize. How will you design the scrapbook?

The same strategy applies for portfolio websites for photographers. There are hundreds of other photographers in the ocean and the one with the best collection gets the job. As you being a kid would have spent hours designing the scrapbook, you will also need to spend hours for your online portfolio website to have a great representation of your photographic work online. The better you present, the more are your chances to get hired. But remember, getting hired solely does not depend on your presentation. The primary objective is still the quality of your contents.

There are many ways you can have a great showcase of your work. Here are some tips, which if you follow, will bring some major changes to the quality of your work.

1. Keep the website simple
2. Use an extensive navigation system
3. Create a flow for the contents
4. Try to be creative

Do not be too complex with the website. Create a menu and a sub-menu to follow. Make sure everything that is required to have a perfect experience for your website is in front of the cursor, so that the visitors do not face trouble operating your website. Use a good search client. The result of the search should be improved and be refine able. Do not add flash content. Many computers do not support flash, so if plugins are missing to operate the website, this will make it look very un-professional. If possible, create a mobile version for your website.

Improve the navigation system. Make jumping from one page to another easier. Keep the URLs user friendly. Load the URLs according to page number. Give labels to your photos and add sub-categories for the labels. Add an archive section and make the design in a blogging format.

Try to create a flow for the content. Either arrange the photographs in an alphabetical order, or arrange them according to their prices. Arranging them according to the dates they were published will not be a bad idea either. You can set a widget, which will allow the visitor to sort the photograph the way they want. The more user-friendly you make your site, the more time the visitor will spend, and the better the chances of getting you hired. Try to be creative with your site. Use every possible tool needed to create a perfect display of contents. Creativity will reflect your personality.

You can use CMS to update your website. Do not just code it yourself, there are chances that you will keep a lot of bugs behind. You can also create professional looking and simple but creative portfolio website by Pixpa at a very low cost.

Pixpa is a great platform to create photography portfolio websites that helps you to share your work via your online portfolio. It has 100 of preset designs and easy admin panel that makes creating a portfolio easier.


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