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New Flickr for iOS

by anonymous

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Flicker has long dominated the photo sharing online album and now it is back again with exciting new features. These features are supportive of iOS with its fresh upgrade of 2.0 version. Let us find out what all it brings to iOS users and how it is beneficial.

The latest version of Flicker is designed for iPhone 5 users and is all set to compete against Instagram. The new UI is highly intuitive and quick. This can be useful for iPad users.

Interface overhaul

As soon as you launch the new app of Flickr on your iPhone, you will be greeted by two tabs segregated into Groups and Contacts. Contacts include 5 controls and are located at the screen bottom in portrait mode. Additionally, it allows you to add annotations and information to pictures.

The Contacts tab displays an array of pictures in a horizontal line against each person added in your contact list. You can swipe sideways if you want to view the pictures and contacts. Upward swiping will reveal new contacts. The pictures are arranged like a collage with different sizes on the screen. Additionally, you will find recommendation for new groups and contacts that you can add on your Flicker account instantly.

Tap to begin conversation or indicate liking for something, the thought bubble allows you to enter message. You can share a picture on any of your social account including Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. If you want to e-mail it then just tap the Share button. Other things include the following:

  • To zoom in or fit the picture to the screen tap on the picture.
  • You also have the option of viewing pictures as slideshow that can be seen in landscape or portrait screen orientation.
  • Tap twice and you will be able to view the annotations on the picture including the group name, photographer and list of people who marked it as favorite.


Apart from all that has been said above Flickr also gives you the option of info button that displays the metadata to reveal the original source of the picture. It also gives you the description of licensing, privacy specs and other information that is shared by the photographer.

  • You have the freedom to add information including tags, names of those who are in the picture and a short description in the images owned by you. All this is also applicable to your own videos.
  • The Globe icon enables in revealing two groups such as, Nearby and Interesting. Both of these options are dependent upon the GPS functionality of iPhone.  If you are looking for pictures of an event in your own locality then all you need to do is tap on the Flickr to fetch the pictures.
  • The person icon gives you various options in your own account like, groups, photo sets, list of favorites, pictures of some specific people and your own contacts. It is more like whatever you have included in your own account. you have the freedom to view videos and images that are uploaded from your device or your system to Flickr. However, it is not applicable to sharing images directly from your account to your camera roll. Nonetheless, you can still directly share the pictures in your camera roll to your account.
  • You are given Filters option that you can hide or use as per your requirements.

Shooting pictures made possible

Flickr comes with additional service of shooting pictures and editing them. the editing options include functions that help enhance your picture quality, red eye removal, adding text, contrast, balance, brightness, crop and even improve a picture by covering imperfections. Additions like the next button for instance enables in annotating your pictures including description, title, giving permissions and allowing sharing options. You also have the option of adding pictures to groups, sets, tags, creating safety levels and privacy options related to location.

 The More button gives you the ability to search, create settings, find friends and gives you other preferences for additional settings.


Flickr 2.0 has a lot to admire including editing options, picture sharing options and taking pictures. The only drawback that seems to be are related to, interface and missing components. Additionally if you are using this app on tablet then you might not be able to view it full size.

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