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Beauty is not always skin deep, sometimes it is, what is on

by lawyersus01

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Contrary   to our own beliefs about type, skin color or the personality   trait, fashion is not at all always inbuilt. The mushrooming number of fashion magazines and fashion channels besides stylists can help only to an extent. Some people among us are fortunate enough to be born with a definite sixth style sense; while others struggle in keeping up with the times. Here are some universal head to toe pointers, which you can never go wrong with.

Accessorizing the right trappings with the dress, can make a plain jane dress look dramatically in-sync and that also without splurging  a lot on the latest craze in the town and definitely it will be almost as expressive as it is  keeping up with latest fashion trends of the industry. This season, the accessories are not only oversized, metallic and eye-catching but they are colorful, bold peridot jewelry and they are fun as well. In jewellery you can always look for the extra-large gemstones, large size pendants, the hanging big earrings, the chunky bracelets, those glittery oversized gems and the crystals and stylish colorful bangles and Swarovski rings as well.

No matter how much times have changed, the bracelets have their own charm. Those augmented and well-manicured hands with those attractive attention-grabbing bracelets give you just the perfect look. And of course, you needn’t stop with buying just one, the models and the celebrities have been spotted again and again with several chunky bangles that keep jangling on their wrists. The unusual metal embellishments and the hammered or the polished metal textures, be it the traditional gold and silver or be the intricately patterned and really colorful lacquered thick bangles and the cuff bracelets, who can deny the feel that they give to a woman whey they move swiftly from this side to that. The hands do all the talking.

Not long ago buying bracelets was next to impossible, owing to the lack of variety and the chic designs. If those designs were wearable, they were really expensive. But in last few years things have changed. Now it is not only confined to the chunky pieces that could not be worn every day. We bring to you Lenya fashion jewelry, a name to reckon with. A name, that has stand the test of time and brought the beauty to the fore. The collection includes variety of jewelry including amethyst jewelry as well. Fashion is now at your doorstep, come and grab it.

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