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Welcome to Ideal Eyes Business College Admission MBA,MCA,BBA

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        Welcome to Ideal Eyes Business College Provide Admission in MBA,MCA, BBA                                              Post Graduate Courses (Master Bachelor of Business dministration)(Aff. Punjab Technical University) Courses Modules info and Business School Admission Notices for MBA and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Top MBA Colleges in India, get Free MBA Alerts on Distance Education, and Part time courses Latest Admission Notices 2013 MBA Entrance Exams 2013 For admission to Executive MBA Programs in Ideal Eyes Business College Patna . Check out Admission Notice, Eligibility Important Dates, Application Deadlines. Also See Ideal Eyes Business College Patna Executive MBA Programs -Introduction. What is Executive MBA ? Value addition through Executive MBA - Why to Join ? EXECUTIVE MBA - How to Evaluate Bussiness Schools ? Vision of a Ideal Eyes Business College for Working Executives Career Opportunities in Marketing Management - Marketing is possibly the most widely opted for as a career option out of all the management functions. Semester 1 - MBA    Code                                                           Subject                                                                      Paper ID 101                                                  Principles & Practices of Management                    B0201  102                                                  Organization Behavior                                                   B0202 103                                                  Accounting for Management                                        B0203 104                                                  Quantitative Techniques                                               B0204 105                                                   Managerial Economics*                                                 B0205 106                                                   Communication & Soft Skills*               107                                                   Seminar on Executive Communication* 108                                                   Workshop on Computers for Management 109                                                     Viva-Voce*

Semester 2   Code                                                           Subject                                                                      Paper ID 201                                             Business Environment                                                  B0206 202                                             Production and Operation Management              B0207 203                                             Human Resource Management                                 B0208 204                                             Marketing Management                                               B0209 205                                             Financial Management                                                  B0210 206                                             Workshop on Research Methodology* 207                                              Workshop on Information Technology* 208                                                   Viva-voce* Post Graduate Courses MCA (Master Master of Computer Application)(Aff Punjab Technical University Courses Modules

Welcome to Ideal Eyes Business College The demand of the corporate world is complex and the way our Indian Economy is changing, there is ample scope for growth and development. New responsibilities and opportunities would always act as a catalyst to put best efforts and meet everybody’s expectations. Using our analytical skill ability to communicate ideas & concepts to aspiring candidates, commitment to perform quality work and forward the best of best to our students with efficiency so that we polish and enhance the talents and abilities of our students. The world of business grows steadily and is more challenging today. Those who command a combination of skills,experience and theoretical understanding are placed to see business opportunities on the horizon and take advantage of them. The understanding gained in your Bachelor's Degree can be powerful tool for managing your life. For lakhs of students, June is perhaps the most exciting and challenging month. That's when colleges open their gates to admission in Undergraduate courses and there is virtually a deluge of students rushing into pickup application forms. A number of career options and courses options lie ahead of them but what are they and where to study is one of the most important decisions in life. For Contact Us: Pratima Complex, Opp: P.N. Anglo School, Naya Tola, Near Khazanchi Road, Patna (Bihar) - 800 004 Phone    :  +91-0612-2661055 +91-9835643901 +91-9334981162 Website    : Emails -    : admin@idealeyesbusinesscollege



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