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Benefits of Virgin Hair Extensions Over Synthetic Hair

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<h2>What are Indian Remy hair & its significance? </h2>

The <i>Brazilian virgin hair</i> refers back to the hair that is totally unprocessed & intact. The qualities of the virgin hair should meet certain qualities like not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached & chemically processed. The virgin hair ought to come from a single donor, & all of the cuticles are intact which can be running in the same direction. It ought to be blow dried, not exposed to harsh agents like cigarette, smoke & drugs.

Here are some of the benefits of the <b>Brazilian virgin hair extensions</b>:

• Lasts longer - the hairstyle will surely last longer because the hair texture as well as the pattern is naturally occurring and never man made. These have not been dyed & has not been chemically treated.
• It's incredible. It's amazing along with the virgin hair is simply the great.
• The human hairs collected to make extensions are donated.
• The texture of the material varies depends upon the chemicals that are used to treat it.
• The virgin hair has got its name from the characteristics that this hair has not undergone any chemical treatments and it retains all of its natural oils.
• All the hair have been treated in numerous fashions and in any part of the world the rarity of the virgin hair is unique.
• It is most cheap for the virgin hair to be donated.
• Creating extensions can be all done by hand, so none of it is damaged during processing into hair products.

The human hair collected directly from a hair donor is termed the Remy hair. It's also called cuticle hair, virgin hair or cut hair. The process that is used to strip the cuticles can be bleaching and acid baths. It also permits better preservation of the hair cuticles. This creates stronger, fuller bodied and durable Remy hair pieces.

Following are going to be the advantages of the <i>Indian Remy human hair</i> over synthetic hair extensions:

• The human hairs extensions are going to be dyed, styled, curled, straightened and are going to be washed like what you need to do for your own natural hair.
• The hair extensions produced from the human hair can be heat styled such as real hair.
• They do not blend as well with your real hair and can easily be detected by the artificial sheen.
• The cuticles of the hair are going to be all aligned in the same direction. This ensures the hair will not shed also it gives a smooth & glossy finish.
• The virgin hair could last from one to 2 years with proper maintenance. The Indian Remy hair could be washed for often & is reusable.

<b>Remy hair</b> is the highest grade of the hair for hair extensions also it is human. It is not anything like synthetic & is the best hair. Remy refers to the human hair that are harvested from the scalp where are cuticle is kept pointed in the same direction since the hairs next to it. All the hairs flow naturally from the same directions. Remy hair stays silkier & softer. It is less prone to tangles and knotting. There is no substitute for 100% authentic Remy hair.


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