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Eating for Healthy Eyesight

by emzhernandez61

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Our eyes allow us to view the fantastic thing about life. They help us in performing a lot of our jobs on a daily basis. Without them, it would be hard for us to work. While we are still young, we should then consider eating food that can impart us with healthy eyesight. Among them are:

Colorful fruits and vegetables

Vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes, and fruits like mangoes and apricots are high in beta-carotene, which cares for the health of the retina in the eye and safeguards people against eye illnesses, which include cataract and macular degeneration. Other colored vegetables and fruits that might help provide healthy vision are broccoli and bell peppers, and oranges.


Nuts are loaded with vitamin E, which operates as antioxidants. Examples include flaxseeds, almonds and sunflower seeds.

Green leafy vegetables

Collards, spinach and kale are all loaded with nutrients. They top the list of vegetables that offer good eyesight. This is because they both contain pigments, namely zeaxanthin and lutein, which can be found in the eyes. They do not only enhance the vision but also minimize the threat of macular degeneration. Also, they are rich in pro Vitamin A, which is again lowering the risk of this type of illness. Last but not the least they have vitamin C, an antioxidant that safeguards retinal cells from the perils of UV radiation.

Lean meat

Lean meat from lean turkey and beef aids the eyes indirectly as it consists of plenty of zinc that in turn facilitates the body in enabling all the antioxidants from the above-mentioned fruits and vegetables.


Again, we are talking here about the lowering of the risk of macular degeneration through the help of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in fish. Likewise, fish is an excellent origin of vitamin D, which is another solid antioxidant.


A study made by scientists from John Hopkins University perceived that improving the consumption of shellfish reduces the risk to macular degeneration. It is because of this that they suggested shellfish in people’s daily diet.


Milk is an additional origin of vitamins A (retinol) and B (riboflavin). The first type of vitamin helps, again, in avoiding macular degeneration while the second type works well for reducing cataract.

Green Tea

Antioxidants called catechins are also present in green tea. They help to make our eyes healthy. This is what Chi Pui Pang and other scientists discovered when they examined the connection between typical eye problems like glaucoma and green tea consumption. Because of the existence of catechins, green tea drinkers are protected from oxidative stress, which influences the growth and development of free radicals that may cause inflamed or impaired eye.


Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are abundant in antioxidants, which also protect the eyes against macular degeneration cataract.

In general, the food mentioned previously contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and more significantly, antioxidants that in one way or another make our eyes in good health and minimize the risk to certain eye illnesses like macular degeneration and cataract.


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