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Increase your Home Elegance with Antique Lighting - Oldplank

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If you are restoring your old home or decorating a new one in an antique style, antique lighting is one irresistible component of the décor, you may want to consider. You can get online to find the right antique light fixture for your home.

Consider the age, era and style of the antique lighting to match your home when choosing antique lighting. A Victorian home would call for an entirely different type of antique light from the one for a modern villa for a cohesive décor.

Types of antique lighting


Choose your antique lighting from the following types:

  • Chandelier: Antique lighting as a chandelier hangs from the ceiling and has a number of lights attached to it. Chandelier is usually a large, fancy antique lighting fixed in main hallways, dining rooms, antique cupboard and formal areas
  • Floor lamp: Antique lighting as a floor lamp stands on its own on the floor by the leg of a table or a chair to provide light
  • Flush Mount: A flush mounted antique lighting is attached to the ceiling. A flush mounted antique lighting is meant to illuminate a whole room. A flush mounted antique lighting does not have any hanging parts
  • Pendant: Antique lighting as a pendant is attached to ceiling with a chain or tube and the antique lighting is on the end of it. Antique lighting as a pendant is great for use over work areas
  • Sconces: Attached to a wall, antique lighting as sconces is most often used over fireplaces, in hallways or stair landings. Sconces are often used in pairs
  • Table Lamp: Antique lighting as a table lamp or desk lamp stands on a side table to provide light for reading and sewing


Choose from antique lighting based on styles. 

The most common antique lighting styles are as the following:

Antique lighting of Victorian style: Antique lighting of Victorian style was prominent during the period from 1880 to the early 1900s. Antique lighting of Victorian style is ornate, graceful, and often has a floral motif. Many of the antique lights of Victorian time period are gas lit. Antique lighting as sconces that are gas lit have shades that face upward.

Art Deco: Antique lighting of Art Deco style was popular during the 1920s and 1930s. Antique lighting of Art Deco style is characterized by sleek and modern designs with flowing curves, symmetry, and smooth angles.

Arts and Crafts: Arts and Crafts style antique lighting was popular in the 1910s and 1920s. Arts and Crafts style antique lighting has lines that are clean and straight and hand tooled. Hammered copper, wrought iron and other simple materials were part of the designs of these Arts and Crafts style antique lighting.


When you choose antique lighting for your home be sure to look for items that

  • Have already been rewired to save you the effort of finding someone to do the work of rewiring
  • Has its original glass intact because it is hard to fit modern glass shades to antique fixtures
  • Has strong hardware in good condition if it is a heavy Victorian Chandelier, Scones, Flush Mount or Pendant

Let an expert electrician install your antique lighting to your ceiling or wall as he is more adept at making small changes that are required to make it easy for you to use the antique lighting.

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