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Why Dot Net Is the Most Preferred Framework in Application ?

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The constant changes in the lifestyles and choices of modern people have made it challenging for developers to make robust and popular applications. Along with the people using desktop and laptop computer, each applications nowadays also have to target the huge base of smartphone, tablet and other mobile device users. Microsoft has launched Dot Net with the intention of revolutionizing the web application development and related technologies.

The software platform works on Windows operating system, but it allows developers to choose from a wide variety of tools and libraries to develop robust web application without putting much time and effort. A developer can further create, deploy and manage the security enhanced applications to interact with different web services and computers connected to the internet. At the same time, the applications can be used by the end-users simply by installing the Dot Net Framework on their computers.

In addition to being more scalable and highly secure, the applications are also effective in integrating email, fax, phone services and other communication technologies. Since its launch, Microsoft Dot Net framework has been used by developers to make applications for clients belonging to different industries. There are also a number of reasons why Dot Net has become the most preferred framework in application development.

Support for Several Programming Languages Each developer has his favorite programming language. But the choice of the programming language often varies based on the software framework. Unlike the conventional frameworks, Microsoft Dot Net supports several languages. Along with C# and VB.Net, a developer can also write code using Java Script. So one can easily pick his favorite .Net framework-supported-programming-language, and make robust web applications that will run in a virtual environment. The apps will further complement all types of devices and hardware used by the end-users.

Compilation of Code to Intermediary Language Before execution of the code, all Dot Net supported languages are compiled into an intermediary language instead of a machine code. The lower level language is known as the Common Intermediate Language (CIL). The Common Language Runtime (CLR) engine only uses the CIL code. So a variety of languages become compatible to each other. Further, a developer has option to interchange components from multiple languages. The Common Language Specification (CLS) also makes it easier for languages to become compatible with the Dot Net framework, while enabling developers to sare arrays, strings, components and numbers across different languages.

Large Number of Ready to Use Classes Many developers also love Dot Net framework to due to its large set of ready to use classes. The system classes can be used by any app that is developed on the platform. For instance, the code written for your website using the system classes will make the apps run seamlessly on computer desktops and mobile devices. Further, Microsoft has developed the Dot Net framework based on object oriented architecture. So each tag or code written by you will be treated as an object. So you can easily retrieve an object, and use it to develop multiple applications, while writing lengthy codes and programs.

Innovative Web Services The web development service has made it easier for developers to make interoperable and distributed applications. The term web service is described as “component of programmable application logic that can be accessed using standard web protocols.” Your application can easily interact with other information providers, regardless of their running at the font-end or back-end. The service also enables webmasters to gather relevant information and data from various sources without worrying about the changes in the design and structure of other websites. A developer can use the web service feature to engage the website visitors by offering relevant, fresh and latest information.

In addition to developing web application using the Dot Net framework, a developer can further easily integrate the required changes and updates. Also, a single website can be accessed by users through their conventional PCs and mobile devices.

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