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Apply Home Addition Virginia to Change Your Landscaping

by miuganlee

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Building a home
addition certainly alters your interior living space, expanding the space and
often rearranging traffic inside your home. But have you thought about how home additions northern
changes the landscape as well? More than simply
displacing a few flower beds and chewing up the turf, large scale home
improvement projects such as this one may require major landscaping

Common Landscaping

Some home addition
designs do not alter the exterior living space as much as others. For instance,
an attic refurbishment or second story addition does not change the footprint
of your house. Other than the heavy equipment tracking through your front yard
and debris cast off in the demolition stage, this type of project should not
greatly change your yard or landscaping plan.

On the other hand,
any Northern Virginia additions that do expand or alter the footprint of the
house will very likely affect the surrounding gardens, turf and landscaping
such as decks, patios and fences. Consider how these changes influence your
outdoor living by asking the following questions:

  • Where will the newly expanded
    foundation be located?
  • What trees, gardens and landscaping
    will need to be removed? Can they be moved to another location?
  • How will the traffic flow and
    walkways change and how do those changes affect safety and security?
  • Will the new addition create
    more shade or alter the exposure of your yard?
  • Will existing trees need to
    be trimmed to avoid potential damage?

Depending on where
the addition is located, the most common landscaping alterations include:

  • deck or porch renovations
  • patio repairs
  • fence renovations
  • garden relocation
  • tree transplantation or
  • turf repairs
  • irrigation system repairs
  • hot tub relocation

Some landscape
features cannot be relocated, repaired or affordably renovated. A swimming
pool, for instance, may need to be ripped out and replaced if your home
addition encroaches on the pool deck. Older trees and traditional stonework may
not survive a move, and when extended restoration is required, you can expect
these heritage materials to take a back seat during your home addition project.

Budgeting for This
Portion of the Project

It may be difficult
to predict the costs of landscaping alterations. Major deck or patio
renovations can cost nearly as much as building a new structure, and the cost
of replanting your garden often depends on the success of transplantation. Turf
repairs are easier to budget for, although you may not know how much of the
yard will be destroyed or damaged during the project.

Talk to your general
contractor about this situation and go over the potential exterior work. Find
out whether they will be working with a licensed landscape professional and
consider how that hiring decision will affect your overall cost. You may want
to delay the landscaping work until weather permits or plan to DIY certain
parts—all of these decisions will affect the budget.

Certain styles of Northern
Virginia additions will alter your landscaping and require an expanded budget.
Be sure to have a trained professional on the job and consider delaying some of
the landscape work if the weather or budget does not allow. These details help
to make the most of your home improvement project, and keep your home looking
its best.

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