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Android, The World's Most Popular Mobile platform

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According to science fiction, Android is defined as a robot with human appearance. Android, Inc. was founded in 2003 as a mobile technology development company aimed at leveraging advanced smart features of mobile phones and catering the diversified customers needs. Google acquired the company two years later as part of its initial foray into the mobile technology market. Android was rewarded with market-beating growth; it has a broad selection of mobile phones like ipads, tablets and smartphones.

Android devices are much smarter and very popular because of its functionalities, multitasking, faster and easy browsing, cloud synchronization and easy ways to connect to Google maps. Managing photos easily by one click and with no time can share it with friends and family. It helps to connect to social networking channels like Google Talk, Google HangOut, Facebook, twitter etc. Email can be sent and received from every corner of the world without much difficulty. One can get the exact location of any place they move in to from Google maps with latitude, longitude and street view detail information, thanks to the advanced world of latest technology. Android phones support 20 languages, can recognize your voice to search or type emails for you, this states that it works like a robot for you. Widgets help to interact with your favorite apps right from your Home screen. You can add and resize your calendar, email feed, important Google+ posts and more, so the important stuff in your life is right there within reach. One can share information by the beam of the phone, it happens with the power Near Field Communication. It comes with the latest cool features which makes it all the more demanding with the Face lock feature which is a facial recognition technology by which your android device can open with a smile.

Android is the world's most widely used smart phone OS which has a large community of expert Android developers writing applications for it in Java. It has open source code for community-driven projects, which has added new features for advanced users or bring Android to devices which were officially released running other operating systems. Google has developed mobile OS that works with many Smartphones like Motorola Droid, Nexus etc. Android is the hot technology as its openness nature helps programmers to modify and customize the OS for each phone. Android smartphones are cheaper to produce and have varied graphical user interfaces.

Android is number one Smartphone operating system having maximum 91.1% of all smartphone shipments in 2012. It has reached the maximum of triple-digit growth for the year. Samsung being the biggest contributor to Android's success, having 42.0% of all Android smartphone shipments during the year. Google Play helps you build visibility and engagement across your apps and brand value. It gives websites higher placement in weekly top charts and give higher ranks for the best apps. Google says Android will ship with a set of core applications including an email client, SMS program, calendar, maps, browser, contacts and more. It has an incredible statistics, Android sees 700,000 activations daily, 350,000 devices activated every single day and accounts for nearly 60% of all first-time smartphone purchases, for the entire market. Over 250 million Android devices is in use around the world. Android has progressed as a viable threat to Apple. It has been entering to other digital devices like refrigerators, cars and television sets because of its robotic nature. Google is pushing Android as a generic solution to any platform that needs a lightweight operating system, positioning it to replace low-end Linux devices. Google also overhauled the browser, drastically improving performance. This was the first version of Android that aimed to be able to display the desktop version of a site in addition to the mobile version, finally allowing smartphone users to browse the whole web with a tough on their mobile screens. Indeed an interesting and easy invention with Android which subsequently led to the current day mad race of android app development.

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