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To see the Best of Tuscany consider Florence attractions

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For some people the best of Tuscany lies in its rolling green hills and statuesque cypress trees.  For others it is the picturesque hilltop towns that hold so many charms in its narrow streets.  And then there are those who prefer the stunning architecture and deep history of the Tuscan cities.


Many of Tuscany’s cities lie on the banks of its river, the Arno.  If you choose to visit one or more of these cities, you will find them steeped in culture.  The larger cities include Pisa, Lucca, Siena, and Florence.  Being the capital of the Tuscan region, there are many Florence attractions that you should consider.


The culture and beauty that exists in the historical city of Florence is like no other.  If you are planning Florence day trips, you will want to know what you must see there.  From glorious piazzas to Renaissance art and culture, there are endless options, and you will never see them all, so prioritising is key.


Any tour guide will tell you that walking around the city is the best way to take in the Florence attractions.  This way you can explore all the famous piazzas and famous landmarks at your own leisure, sometimes going off the beaten track to discover hidden treasures down quieter side streets.


Even if you decide to tour some of the smaller towns of Tuscany by car, you should still consider Florence day trips as part of your itinerary.  Seen as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance, it is so rich in history and culture you won’t want to miss it.  And neither will you want to miss Michelangelo’s David.


But of course Florence attractions include more than this famous sculpture. 

The capital of the region is home to some of the most beautiful cathedrals and chapels in the world, and Il Duomo is just one of the places to visit in the heart of Florence that will take your breath away.


If you are staying in Florence and are interested in venturing out of the city, consider Florence day trips that will take you a bit further afield.  It is worth seeing the Tuscan countryside, visiting vineyards, or you can even go to the coast.  For this of course you will need a car and a GPS guidebook ideally.


The best of Tuscany is waiting to be explored.  If you’re looking for a holiday where you will encounter mountains, countryside, the seaside, as well as historical towns and villages, then Tuscany really has it all.  An extremely diverse region of Italy, it is certain to captivate.



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