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How to Design and Get Your Ideal Name Tags Printed

by johnstoneham

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It is quite common that we make introduction with others including their names; however we often forget what the name was after a few minutes. Although some people are relatively good at memorizing names whereas a few of us have to experience those embarrassing moments of memory failure. However whether you need or need not to remember all the names, there is an easy way out termed as name tags.

Considerations for Designing an Ideal Name Tag…

Name tags are widely being used in the business environment as well. They add to the professionalism and even the patrons feel a sense of security if they are being guided by a representative that has a name tag on him.

Huge businesses that are likely to deal with a number of people prefer to have bespoke name tags also called ID (identification) cards or badges. They may also have the pictures of the employees that are great to distinguish employees from the customers. These identification entities can be designed with varying qualities, styles, sizes and shapes. While designing a name tag, it is important to ponder upon certain aspects which are as follows…

Highlight the Name…
Since the purpose of the tag is to display the name, it should be highlighted than that of other details on the tag such as company logo, company name or perhaps department. You can choose only to display the first name; however in a professional environment displaying first name before the last name is the best practice as it is how you would wish to read it, after all.

Choose a Decent Size…
Name tags though are available in varying sizes, yet it should be large enough to read but not too large that can it distracts the other person like an overwhelming accessory. It is intended to make introductions easier and should convey professionalism. Everything else on the badge is certainly secondary to the name of the person wearing it.

Design Matters…
Your business would probably have a reputation in the market which you certainly wish to maintain, therefore choose an elegant yet professional design. Choosing the company colors is a good option however if you feel they would be too flashy, it is better to make wise choices and go for some decent colors. Choose a font that is simple and clear, too stylish can make it hard to read. For instance a decent combination may include a blue background with either black or white colored text on it… or perhaps the company logo as well.

Where to get…

In order to develop and print quality Custom Name Tags, you can take help of the professionals. Such firms make use of innovative designing and state of the art printing technologies to bestow clients with more than what they were expecting. Other services you may acquire for redefining your business may include nameplates, screen printing, membrane switches, die cutting and much more.

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