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Modern Wall Paneling: The New Interior Look

by textures3dpanels

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Modern Wall Paneling: The New Interior Look – Understanding These Panels for Walls.

This is a new era. This is a time for new things. Therefore, when designing a business, one should incorporate modern wall panelling into their design. What is that? It is quite simple. Instead of a flat interior wall, one would incorporate a textured wall.

The textured panels for a wall are made of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Kitchen cabinets are made of this same wood. As the panels are wood, they are quite easy to manipulate. If there is an opening in the wall, it is quite easy to cut the panel to accommodate the opening.

Modern wall paneling comes in three different thicknesses. The standard stock is 15mm. However, certain models are as thick as 18mm or 21mm. Everyone has a different image in mind. Everyone holds a different vision. The range in thickness should work with any individual project.

The production equipment can only make 4' by 8' panels. There are some walls taller than this. As mentioned previously, Modern wall panelling can easily be cut down. Some companies will cut the panels in half. This allows the customer to order a 2' by 8' panel or a 4' by 4' panel.

Allowing for different sizes of the panels for a wall, means that many things can be done. In some cases, an individual may want to cover an entire wall. A 4' by 8' panel may be too much, but a 2' by 8' finishes the job. Perhaps the individual wants the panels to create a artwork. Then a 2' by 8' and two 4' by 4' panels could work.

Most companies will sell either colored modern wall paneling or primed panels. The primed panels are primed twice. After each application of primer, the panels are sanded. This needs to be done because the primer soaks into the Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The primer soaks into the MDF unevenly. Purchasing a primed panel saves the customer time.

Colored modern wall paneling does not give the same seamless look as primed panels. Also, the colored panels cannot be screwed in. Rather, a nail gun works when installing. On the other hand, color panels are less work. Once they are in place, nothing else needs to be done.

Overall, modern wall panelling is the future. The textured walls draw the attention of someone passing by. Once the attention has been captured, the individual is more likely to remember the location and company where they saw it. This means that the company will be brought up in discussion. It is a unique way to inspire others to advertise a company.


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