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The Usefulness Of RFID In Healthcare

by vizbeerfid

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Most people already know that things like their credit cards have some sort of RFID (radio frequency identification) chip in them. It makes sense that RFIDs are used in things like electronics, but what about when it comes to healthcare? You might not have realized it at first, but RFID healthcare has been implemented in many places, and it is a useful tool that helps hospitals help patients more safely and efficiently. RFID is useful in healthcare because it helps correct pairing of babies and mothers in maternity wards, ensures correct treatment for the correct patient, and can even monitor the movement of special needs patients. This is all in addition to collecting important information to help an RFID hospital run smoother.

RFID healthcare is extremely useful when it comes to maternity wards. If you have ever been fearful that you might end up going home with the wrong baby from the hospital, RFID helps to put that to rest. You might not even know it, since often the RFID is located in the wristband that the mother and baby receive from the hospital. It has visual identification as well as a RFID tag that can be scanned into the RFID system to make sure the right baby is with the right mother.

Another fear some people have is going to the hospital and receiving the wrong treatment—such as a surgery that was intended for another patient. An RFID hospital will again likely use a wristband that can be scanned to make sure that a patient is receiving the proper treatment. Once the scan is done, there should be patient information regarding condition and treatment. This helps hospitals make sure the right patients are receiving the right treatments.

Some patients require special needs due to limitations on their physical abilities. RFID tags can help hospitals monitor these patients. This can be useful if certain patients wander off or into some sort of restricted area of the hospital. RFID essentially helps for quick location of certain patients, helping hospitals to keep those patients and others safe.

All of these uses are in addition to the regular information gathering that a RFID hospital can do with these chips. They can be used on machines to help prevent theft, used to help determine waiting times, and more. RFID healthcare is great for correctly pairing mothers and babies, ensuring correct patient treatment, and monitoring of special needs patients. Only the future can tell how RFID will continue to make hospitals safer and more efficient.


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