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Risk of Data Leaks increases as Cloud Storage usage rises.

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Beaverton Oregon – When the concept of cloud computing was first introduced, many users found the notion to be a revolutionary one. Consequently, there’s little space for doubt that cloud computing has enhanced employee productivity by enabling employees to access their corporate data wherever, whenever, and on whatever. When executives need to access confidential data on the go – with cloud computing they can do so on mobile devices, such as tablets and Smartphones.  However, putting aside the popularity and flexibility of cloud computing, like everything else in this world – cloud storage servers have a dark side to them – they lack data security. In the past, numerous hacking cases have made the headlines. It seems that e-criminals are easily able to access personal data on cloud computers, that’s because, most cloud storage servers do not save your data in an encrypted format – thus, it’s quite easy for e-crooks to hack into a server and download personal details of anyone who happens to store his or her details on that cloud server.


According to Doug Steward, who works for New in the capacity of data security strategist, users often are unaware of the various security measures needed to protect their data. It’s this lack of knowledge that makes them think that all cloud storage services are created equally – therefore, the cheapest cloud storage services are sufficient for their needs – consequently, holding such beliefs can have a significantly negative impact on the end user. Steward also emphasized that even data stored offline can be susceptible, as you never know who might be surfing over your shoulder. He emphasizes that data should be stored in a Folder Locker – software engineered to encrypt personal data on the desktop.   Furthermore, such desktop based software also provides users the flexibility to upload their encrypted data to a cloud server, making it impossible for anyone to steal their data.

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