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Is It Safe To Use Hydrogen Peroxide On Your Teeth?

by henrytyler

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Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with antiseptic and bleaching qualities. You might have stumbled upon employing hydrogen peroxide to sanitize wounds while you were a youngster. It is popularly known as H2O2 likewise and it changes each time it reaches other kinds of chemicals. Given it has bleaching elements as mentioned earlier, hydrogen peroxide is also employed as an ingredient in many laundry detergents to really clean carpets and upholstery. It is a functional product: one can use it for home clean-up, hair lightening and even brightening and driving away microbes out of the teeth. But is it really harmless for the teeth? Yes it has its positive aspects but it also comes with a list of shortcomings as well.

Teeth whiteners normally suggested by dentists generally incorporate an ingredient called carbamide peroxide. This compound modifies into urea and hydrogen peroxide. The latter represents some sort of acid to keep away stains on the teeth while the former transforms into a bleaching tool. H2O2 adjusts into a beneficial whitener once it comes into contact with air and moisture. Most over the counter teeth whiteners include 10% carbamide peroxide while those teeth whitening products you can get with a prescription from the dentist contain 15-35%, as per American Dental Association regulations.

Whitening products are already long approved and dental professionals have stated that they are dependable on your teeth but what about the common hydrogen peroxide? Is it enough or will it do more damage than good?

Destroying Harmful Bacteria

Hydrogen peroxide's effectiveness come from its oxidation procedure. It sends out oxygen that provides to eliminate debris efficiently. Your toothbrush can be cleaned out or hidden away in a H2O2 solution after brushing to avoid bacteria from adhering unto it. It was also found out that hydrogen peroxide is effective in reducing gingivitis risks and bleeding gums, even the best dentist in Arizona can attest to that. Once H2O2 is employed as a mouth rinse, it can take away dangerous plaque and bacteria deposition, components that can lead to gingivitis. Furthermore, H2O2 users won't have to be concerned about smelly breath any longer because hydrogen peroxide's concentrated oxidation process weakens excess bacteria hanging out between the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Integrating hydrogen peroxide in your oral care habit is pretty much popular. Due to its whitening abilities, people have utilized H2O2 to bleach stains lying on the surface of the teeth. Readily available hydrogen peroxide solutions from establishments comprise 3% solution and they are usually safe for use. Combined with toothpaste, it is an efficient strategy to make teeth whiter. It is also employed in conjunction with sodium bicarbonate but to be safe, the solution must not be used on a regular basis because of its harsh mixture that is why if you have plans to use this certain solution, you have to speak with your dentist to start with. There are peroxide toothpastes conveniently obtainable at present and they are normally mild enough for consistent use. Take note though that high levels of H2O2 may harm and inflame the roof of the mouth, gums and tongue. That's the reason contacting your dentist about hydrogen peroxide and other forms of teeth whiteners is always advocated.

There are many teeth whitening methods you may use today apart from hydrogen peroxide if you are not too enthusiastic to use it. Alternatively, talking with a dentist first is always advised. If you live across the Arizona area and you want more info about teeth whitening or dental conscious sedation, you can check out the closest dental clinics in your neighborhood. Arizona has wonderful dentists who can give you advice on the newest in oral care and treatments.


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