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All about addiction social networking for addiction recovery

by amityconnect

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What are the major problems ailing the youth section all over the world? Any person, who takes certain amount of interest in sociological developments and changing trends of the surrounding, would point a finger at substance abuse. While youths have been found to be the victims of the crisis most frequently, on the other hand it is also true that individuals, belonging to higher age groups also find it difficult to deal with addiction recovery and its consequences. And this is exactly where the online platform of addiction social networking plays its part.

There already have been quite a lot of discussions regarding the possible factors that may contribute to an individual’s inclination over addictive substances, such as chemicals, drugs, anti-depressants and alcohols. While behavioral psychologists are of opinion that youths of the modern world suffer more from identity crisis and in order to suppress their anguish they incline more to such addictive substances, on the other hand, sociological scholars have opined that addiction has been projected in a glorified manner by the pop-cultural mediums; consequently, have made the vice appear more like a status symbol and integral part of the youth personality.

A recent report, published in the CNN, clearly suggests that only in the United States, over 68 million adults require special addiction help in order to get back to the normal course of life. Almost 25 million among them are addicted to more than one substance and every year several millions are reported to have suffered from different consequences of this problem that may ultimately lead to fatality.

Another major problem with substance abuse is that not only it continues to gnaw the physical condition of a person but also impacts significantly over the behavioral aspect. While these problems may not be realized at the very initial stage, within a year or two the victim starts realizing gravity of the situation and without special help it becomes almost impossible for him/her to get over the problem completely. As the behavioral condition of an addict gets severely affected, drug or alcohol abuse is also considered to be responsible for the increasing number of domestic violence cases in the United States. The CNN report further suggests that genetic heritability shares a strong connection with substance addition; thus, it is highly possible that the same tendency to depend on addictive substances may pass on from one generation to another.

Behavioral psychologists are of opinion that when it comes to helping a person with addiction recovery, the two most important factors are patient and empathy. The assistance providing individual, Addiction Social Networking group or organization should realize that the process won’t be smooth or easy as the person was indulged in the addiction for quite some time. Today, the victim is both physically as well as psychologically dependent on the substance. However, simply giving the suffered time isn’t enough as the chance of relapse remains pretty high at least during the first one or two years.

It is indeed important that a strict schedule of activities is followed and the subject is treated in a manner that is fused with empathy. With time, sincerity of the effort of many support groups like Amity Connect will surely bring positive results and definitely will also pave the path for accelerating the recovery process from substance abuse.

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