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iPhone Application Development By Freelancers or A Company

by anonymous

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Not everyone who decides on getting iPhone applications is a programmer himself/herself. And the speed by which apps are increasing the market, it seems every business is doing it. According to an estimate, around 900 applications are submitted everyday but only a minor percentage can endure the tough market conditions. Quite obviously, iPhone application development and its success are based on your core idea and selection of right team for the job. Here we are going to take the classic question of whether to hire individuals or professional team of a company.


If you are getting your first app then it is better to stick from $1000 to $3000 depending on what the size of your business is. You can get some really good freelancers on different portals, who are just looking to learn and earn. Costs are low here if you hire a comparative newbie. On the other hand, iPhone application development companies usually have a professional team of developers, designers and testers who can shoot up the cost a bit. You can still put a fixed budget constraint however.
Who’s the winner here: Freelancers


It is a no brainer that you would have a plenty of work to do with freelancers. Hiring designers, developers and may be testers isn’t an easy job. Other than that, you would have to handle costs, time management and progress of project to ensure everything is in order. On the other hand, iPhone application development companies can take care of everything for you. Although, you still would be in control of things, it would be without the petty issues. This way, other aspects of app development (like marketing and all) can be performed better while the core work is left to experts.
Who’s the winner here: Companies


This one is a difficult point to discuss as there are chances of going wrong either ways. There is no guarantee that a professional team can offer better quality in a company and the situation is pretty similar with freelancers too. You can push them to produce better work but with better homework, you would get a good idea of work done by developers in the past. Make sure that you go through the portfolio and ask sensible questions from them.
Who’s the winner here: None


Project deadlines are integral part of the iPhone application development. Everything from launch to marketing strategies revolves around estimated duration to complete the project. Unfortunately, risk is higher with freelancers. You do not know them personally nor their commitment seriousness. Furthermore, if they are from a different country, the time difference would make things worse especially if there are frequent issues to be resolved. However, most development companies are pretty strict about deadlines. They handle 3 or 4 projects simultaneously which means that if the team doesn’t complete your project on time, others will suffer too. Companies are clear winner when it is about finishing the project on time.
Who’s the winner here: Companies

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