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Make Health Your Priority!

by anonymous

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India’s progress in healthcare:-

Back then, the idea that people were searching online for health information was revolutionary. All of a sudden, everyone has the access to medical information that had always been locked up and out of reach.

Below are the trends on internet according to Health research organization:-

-          Word of mouth to online research

-          40% users research about hospitals and doctors online

-          30% users post reviews and ratings

-          90% users look for health information online and

-          33% users ask questions to doctors


As per Pew Internet surveys, health related websites and social sites are becoming important hubs for health advice.  People are becoming more interactive and learning from each other and not just from institutes. One might worry about people giving each other medical advice. Is that really a bad idea? Apparently! NO. In the surveys, it was asked “if anyone you know been helped by health information found online” and the results said- 60% of internet users who go online for health say yes, which is up from 31% in 2006. This tells us how the trend has been changed to online research.

People are often looking for more of health advice and information online comparing and linking to authoritative source material. It is also found that people living with chronic disease are likely to be older and living in lower-income households – people who generally stay in the shallow end of the online activities pool like email, research etc. However they will soon learn the importance of health and educate themselves to make informed health decisions, by doing their homework by researching and finding the right hospital and doctors.


In short, people are going beyond traditional media and no longer needy and become utterly grateful to all those online websites which help them take informed health decisions.

One such health related website that commonly came across is’s an online health portal which helps or educates users/ patients to make informed health decisions. brings together significant features such as, Ask a doctor for “free”; research hospitals/doctors; follow latest health news, articles and events!


What will happen if the untapped knowledge of every patient or anyone can share their thoughts and give their valuable inputs in such a platform?

That’s the next frontier.  It is no longer about access.  It’s about uploads. It’s about inputs.  It’s about learning from each other. Patients are not the only ones who can benefit from this new model of participatory medicine. Institutions can too!

To sum it up, Health care has a brilliant opportunity to tap in to our ancient instincts to share, and our modern ability to do so at internet speed.

Make health your priority!

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