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SEO tricks to boost CTR

by semseogurus

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Is your website a victim of higher impressions but very low click through rate also called CTR in short? Do you want to increase your website’s CTR and want to be above the fold when it comes to search engine results? Generally people don’t go through the whole search result they mostly click on the first three or four results. Site with the number one position get the highest percentage of all the clicks. Second gets less, third lesser and so on.

But to be remaining on the top of the search engine is not merely enough, you will have to make your link a little catchy, so that the searchers cannot resist themselves without clicking the link. It’s only possible when you keep in mind some important things while setting link irresistible and Meta description should be unique. Here is a list of few do’s and do not’s to help you to gain the maximum click through rate for your website.

Title– Make your title noticeable and irresistible when you start writing title for search engine. Follow the basic ON Page SEO rules, pay heed that title length should not exceed from 64 to 70 characters. It’s right that the length more than the prescribed length might get cut off. This length includes spaces, commas and hyphens also. Title tag’s first few words should be the main keywords so that if rest gets cut off, the main keyword can be saved. Title for search engine, being the most important part for your site you can also use your company’s name in the title tag. Doing so you can advertise your company for specific products and services that you offer. Title should be predictable not a riddle for the searchers so that that they can get an idea what your site is all about.

Meta description– What Meta description stands for? It provides a short summary of the page so that readers can decide whether the page is what they are looking for or looks interesting. These days SEO companies tend to stuff the targeted keywords in the meta description to gain the maximum profit in terms of rankings. But what they actual forget is they are deviating from their main goal  i.e bring the maximum potential visits to the website and not just the visits. There is a thin line that separates these two.

Meta description should not be long more than 160 characters including spaces and punctuation’s.  It’s not that you are not allowed more than this but the more the length; it will be cut off in the search engine results. So keep the most important details in the first 150 to 160 characters.

Use such keywords in Meta tag that can compel the searchers to click on the link. You can start your Meta discretion with a question like who, When, Why. It can give additional weight to your Meta description. But when the searchers visit your site by clicking the link they should get exactly what you have told them in Meta tag or in title tag. If they don’t find what your description promised they get disappointed and will leave the page and your bounce rate might increase.

These two points are very important from CTR point of view now we will discuss about least but important points that also plays vital role to obtain high rank in search results.

Great content– this is the no. 1 rule of web world. Content should be relevant to the theme don’t astray from your point. Do everything to make sure the relevancy of the content. Without this initially you might get good CTR but ultimately your content might get buried under tons of search results. Focus on creating relevant and interesting content. To learn about writing share-link worthy content read my previous post.

Website design– it has become one of the most important factor in order to get high rank. Companies spending handsome amount on website designing that can look user friendly so that the searchers can get desired information with minimum clicks. You should also take into account the color scheme of website so that it can give cool effect to the searchers eyes.

Use of keywords– Don’t use keywords again and again in your content as it irritates the readers. According to the guidelines of Google, keyword density should not exceed to 3-5% of the total words of the website content. Otherwise, it will be considered as Keyword Stuffing which can affects search engine ranking.

Make links for important pages– If you don’t have links on home page going to the page you want to rank, you can’t expect a page to rank above the fold.

Increase social sharing– Google takes social networking seriously, then, common sense suggests, social networking participation will help. Write content on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Triberr, pinterest etc., ask your followers to share the content if they find it relevant. It gives extra weight to your site.

Make relationship with the biggies on social networking sites, as most people likes to listen and follow them they can play a role in your ranking. Request them to share your content

Persuade your followers to share your link and in return you will ready to share their link. Use social sharing tools like Google +, Twitter, Facebook and also do not forget to bookmark your webpages on good social bookmarking websites like – delicious, StumbleUpon etc.

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