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Do You Really Need a Racing Bicycle?

by anonymous

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Has racing bicycles caught your fancy and you are eager to bring one home?  Before you rush to the nearest bicycle store, let us evaluate whether you need a racing bicycle at all and if you do, which ones would be best suited for your needs. Remember, if you are buying these bikes just for their looks, then you are going to face some definite problems for sure. Looks should not be the aspect to be considered while buying a bicycle for your needs. If you have to hold one quality above all others, then it is comfort and safety that is most important. 

Do you need it?

Are you a racer or are planning to take up racing seriously?  Are you an efficient rider, confident about your balance and riding skills?  If the answer to the two questions is not a definite yes, then you do not need a racing cycle.  For normal riding purposes, be it fitness, transportation or just fun, racing bikes are not the ideal choice.  The sleek wheels may not allow the traction you need for city riding and since the handlebars are low, they can strain your back if you cycle for a long time.  Besides, the traffic or the uneven roads will not allow you to fully enjoy your racing bikes. Also, make sure that you have various bike safety accessories before you hit the road.

What should you look for?

If you have decided that you need a racing bicycle, then the bicycle of your choice will depend on your budget and your purpose. Aluminium, steel and carbon fibre are some of the most popular materials used for building bicycles.  Aluminium is inexpensive, but gives a bumpy ride, steel is smoother, but is heavier and prone to rust and carbon fibre is most light and smooth, but is expensive.  Titanium is better than all three, but is extremely expensive and used for professional grade bicycles.  The first three materials are most common materials for bicycles in India. Look for a bicycle that is more responsive and lightweight, approximately 15 to 20 pounds. Check out for thin tyres, bigger wheels and a low handlebar so that you are leaning for an aerodynamic posture. Also, look for the bike safety accessories available with your choice of cycle.

What are the alternatives?

If you are not planning to sign up for the next racing event in your city and are looking for something for the road, then racing bicycles are not the right choice. If you do not want to go for the run-of-the-mill road bike, go for a mountain bike or hybrids. You will find many mountain bicycles in India that are more suited for the Indian roads.  You all know the condition of the Indian roads, which are not better than the rugged mountain terrain, so the big, rigged wheels, powerful suspensions and sturdy frame offer a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Now that you know some of the most important things that you need to consider, you can now make an informed choice with more ease and confidence.

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