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Life is not that simple as we see it

by gramsmith

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Life is not that simple as we see it, but it can become much simpler with a few tricks. Now a day there are many websites online that are telling these secrets openly on internet so that every person can become better with their life.

Some of them, I will be posting here.

  1. 1.       Keeping a toolbox when travelling:

You never know when you will hit a flat tire. It’s better to keep a tool box with you where ever you go. It will not only help you I need but also sometimes can help others. For example if you are passing on a freeway and see that a person is standing on the roadside and he got a flat tire. You can also help him fix his tire.

  1. 2.       Use a stocking on the Vacuum Pipe nozzle to find small things:

Sometimes, sorry, many times people – actually ladies loose there earrings, rings and other small objects in bedroom. It’s better to use a vacuum cleaner with a stocking on top of its nozzle rather than searching for hours under the bed. This will not actually help you find the thing faster but you might suck it from those places that your hands can’t reach.

  1. 3.       Use a tomato ketchup cap on top of vacuum cleaner to clean small holes:

Our keyboards get dust on the sides; this dust cannot be easily cleaned off without putting the keyboard under a running tap. But a better way to do it is by taking out a vacuum cleaner and putting a ketchup cap on top of it. This will clean the overall keyboard and the buttons in it.

A positive point to this is the dust will clean up and get sucked in the vacuum cleaner also its much better than blowing all the way and getting dust in the eyes.

  1. 4.       Keep things water proof:

There are many things that are not waterproof. We can make them water proofed by simple procedure. But keep it in mind that this will only work with the clothes and not with metal or plastic.

If you have a bag that is not water proof and you want to go out in rain, you can so this by taking out a candle and rubbing it on top of whole bag. This will make the bag dirty but it will become water proof. Now you can go out and enjoy.

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