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My computer being malwared…

by edwardfery

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Today when I logged into my email address after arriving in office, I received an email from FedEx saying the following:

“Your parcel has arrived at March 27.Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you at 27 March 05:48 PM.

To receive your parcel, please, print this receipt and go to the nearest office.”

I told one of my employees and he searched it on Google, there I found some blogs having this text under the topic named Scam Emails. They're the blogger further said that these emails contain sometimes, a suspicious link and on other occasions a file, both are ways of receiving malware.

But for me, I searched it on the internet and saved my computer from being malware. There are many other people whose computers are hacked and sometimes infiltrated and destroyed by different malware and viruses that are downloaded from attached email files.

So, in this article you will be told of all the things that can avoid such scams, and if not avoid them how to deal with them.

  1. 1.       Be suspicious:

Being suspicious is everything.  If you are suspicious you will avoid many problems, but if you are not then it’s the opposite. Being suspicious, doesn’t mean you have to look at everything with suspicions but it’s all about observing, surveillance and things like those.

  1. 2.       Stay up to date:

You can stay up to date by reading news stories. There are many sites available now like CNN, BBC, MSN news and yahoo news. They have the most up to date articles on technology and featured articles on them as well. You can search for the latest scams on search engines as well to get more knowledge about them.

  1. 3.       Google it:

There are many emails that you do not know. Most of these emails are scams and are automatically filtered by your email service provider while other times they are not. So, it's better to search them on any search engine most probably Google, then to click open them. This will save you most of the times.

  1. 4.       Never Download… inform others:

Anything mailed to you from an unreliable source is suspicious, so think it's like that. Do not download anything from unauthentic email addresses. Unless you know the person in reality, it’s better to mark that email junk.

And in the end, it’s time for you to inform others, make them aware.

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