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Some Services Given by Atlanta Rug Cleaning Services

by jackelynlippard

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Rugs are understood to add a touch of beauty to any room, so it's best to take excellent care of these splendid decorations. Atlanta rug cleaning services can help work on your rugs without compromising the vibrant colors of the fabric. With or without pets, people in Atlanta, Georgia would be happy to know that their rugs can be spared from the impacts of the city's damp subtropical weather. The following are what such services provide.


Some rugs in living rooms, studies, bedrooms, or children's play rooms have sophisticated vibrant designs. Experienced rug cleaners first test the dyes for colorfastness, meaning colors won't fade due to wear or washing. If they are not, color-saving agent called dye-fix is added to the material before cleaning.

Expert rug cleaners take care to put focus on cleaning the walking-paths and the spots. People tend to not notice how filthy their rugs have become because they see the surface regularly; they only see that the color seems to fade after time. However, in most cases, the surface of a rug is only covered in dirt; when dirt and discolorations are wiped out, the real colors are once again revealed.

Atlanta rug cleaners hand wash rugs for a careful but extensive cleaning. Then, the rug has excess water squeezed out using a rubber wringer. After, the rug is dried with the cleaners' special fans for easy and reliable drying. This process is designed to lessen the danger of the rug forming molds following the cleaning.


Cleaning rugs means bringing back their aesthetics, so repairing ruined rugs is part of the job, too. Exotic or traditional rugs may have fringes that are torn and have been removed; experts can restore any looseness in the material that causes fringes to come off. Rips and openings in a rug can also be fixed, whether the rug is modern or antique.


The fibrous design of a rug makes it an excellent home and nesting ground for bugs. Family members dealing with allergic rhinitis are very sensitive to this. To stop persistent allergic reactions from infestation of fleas, molds, or ticks, professionals can do mite and moth control treatments. For more details, visit




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