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Obtain the Best Breed from Morkie Puppies for Sale Store

by ElizabethJ

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The people who are going to buy a breed for their little home, morkie are the best option for them. Basically a “Morkie” is a designer hybrid dog which is half maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier or yorkie. So this breed is also called as yorktese or malkie. The morkie may be just the right pet for you if you are looking for the small dog to have as a companion. Though they are made from the yorkie and maltese but the appearance of a Morkie puppy can vary.

Some morkies that you get from the morkie puppies for sale store may look as more like maltese while the others are more yorkie like. Color of the morkie also depends on the parents. You will find that the most morkies are black and tan but some also may look more like the Maltese. And it is true that one will get the truth that the coat of the morkie will be very soft and its ears may be either dropped or erect. The typical morkie can grow to be anywhere from eight to twelve inches and approximately six to eight pounds. But not all the puppies are same. Some are as small as three pounds or as large as fifteen pounds.

These kinds of breed may be inheriting any combination of traits from the maltese and yorkie parents. Your morkie will probably be the smart enough as the both breeds are known for having a lot of personality. So you need not to be surprised if she craves or demands a lot of attention from you. If you create a friendly environment then your morkie will become so loyal, though and may be even inherit a sense of fearlessness from the maltese side.

This friendly environment helps morkie to live about fifteen years of age, may be it can range from twelve to sixteen years. The overall health of the morkie is rather good as they are being a mixed breed, but they can inherit some of the health problems from both the parents breed. Tracheal collapse, cataracts, medial patellar, hydrocephalus, chronic valvular heart disease, and glaucoma are possible health concern that a morkie can suffered from. So it is a best idea to research you puppy’s heritage for solving the health problem.

The morkie that you have taken from Morkie puppies for sale store will not require a large yard or a lot of exercise so they will do well in an apartment or condo as well as in a house. That not means that they are idle breed. They also like to enjoy going on long walks and playing in the yard often. They may become somewhat destructive if she seems unsettled or energetic inside the house. Morkies are such a good dog that is good with the children. Not only that they have also a tendency to become the protector of the children whether they are in danger. But for that they need to understand their morkie very well. They should be very careful to avoid harming your Morkie.

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