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Termite Control in Irvine: Learn More About Termites

by lucilelynch

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Your house in Irvine, Orange County in California is made up of a buffet of scrumptious food for termites. Lots of homeowners in fact, are clueless about the existence of these wood-damaging critters, until it's too late. Termites are harmful pests that can destroy entire homes within a couple of years from infestation thus you need regular termite control from Irvine pest control companies.

Termites are euosocial pests meaning they exist in a cooperative society where roles are specified, generations are exemplified in a colony, and members share the duty to care for the young; just like bees and ants. Termites eat cellulose, a polysaccharide (multiple-sugar molecules) compound normally present in plant fibers to survive. This is the main reason why you see them searching for the richest source of cellulose in your home to feed and make their nests on: your wooden panels and boards.

Termites start their permanent nests or colony nearby their food source. This makes certain that workers do not need to wander away too far to leave the queen unguarded and the young hungry for long periods of time. If the food source is used up, some species look for other areas to set-up colony like new wood products in your home.

However, what might be more significant is that plant cellulose isn't just present in wood. Many individuals forget that there are other plant-based items in their house like clothes, paper and certain types of plastics which termites can feast on. In the United States alone, an approximated average of $30 million in material and structural damage is attributed to termite infestation. In some nations, termite infestations have even permeated banks triggering hundreds of thousands worth of banknotes unusable.

That's not all. Termites are also health hazards. As they make passages through your home, they carry with them fungi that cause sick building syndrome or SBS. This disease is exhibited by headaches, chronic asthma attacks, and skin rashes, and many more. The neauroactive mycotoxins existing in SBS can worsen overtime when untreated.

With all these risks, all property owners must get services for termite control in Orange County or Irvine to adequately safeguard their residential properties. Tap the services of a pest control contractor now to ensure that your loved ones and your home are protected. To learn more on termites, check out

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