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Alcohol Ignition Interlock

by barrysaundersaz

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DUI Ignition Interlock – A Device to Protect Drivers and General Public from Mishaps Occurring Due to Drunk Driving


DUI ignition interlock devices are designed to protect the drivers as well as general public from mishaps such as injuries, temporary or permanent disability and deaths in road accidents because of drunk driving. According to researches, it has been proved as a device that saves lives. Of course, there is a reduction in DUI cases to some extent but there are some loopholes in it that stop it from being 100 percent efficient.


This proves ineffective when DUI offenders decide to go off the roads instead of bearing the expense of hundreds of dollars in having the device installed in their vehicles. They either travel with a friend who already has an IID installed in the vehicle or by public transport or car pool.


To address these issues, many states are soon planning to have a few more features designed to prevent others/friends/co-travelers from performing the breath tests for the DUI offender. The devices will have a camera installed to snap the picture of the driver every time a breath test is performed. This will be to verify that the DUI offender is the person who is taking the test and not others.


The law has had cases where DUI offended drivers asked their friends, co-passengers or even their children to blow into the device to continue driving. But the devices with camera will be able to identify the person ensuring that the convicts perform the test. This will definitely improve the situation in the future, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of drink and driving cases.


 Those who, instead of installing an alcohol ignition interlock device in their vehicles on found guilty, decide to go off the roads for the duration when they are supposed to drive with an IID installed vehicle will have to produce the bills at the time of reclaiming their suspended license. This is to make sure that they have installed the device in their vehicles and duly performed the breath tests each time the device prompts before starting the ignition as well as while driving.


The law is going to be stricter than ever to stop more DUI cases from stemming over. Stopping drunk driving cases from occurring, even the general public needs to contribute in every possible way. After all, it’s for their safety. And those who have already faced problems because of DUI offenses must strongly demand for tougher DUI laws and support the government completely. The change is possible when people really change their outlook towards it.


Not calibrating the machine or trying to fool the machine is no way. It not only lands you in deep legal problems but also takes a toll on your own safety. The driver’s license of the offenders who try to revoke the law is suspended for longer duration. People are going to drive anyway. DUI offenders may drive the vehicle of their spouse or friends that doesn’t require having an IID.  But that’s not going to solve the problem but will lead to many other complexities. The best way is to abide by the law and fulfill all the obligations when found guilty of DUI. For More Information visit


DUI ignition interlock devices are designed to ensure the safety of drivers as well as general public from mishaps that may happen because of drunk driving. The state law is going to be stricter than ever to ensure that the offenders meet all their obligations and drive the vehicles with IID. For More Information visit

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