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Why I Like to Wear Army Surplus Clothes

by zelliwillshon

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I like army surplus
clothing because of this real fact that outdoor activities are very simple to
complete those i am doing whenever I am wearing this type of clothing. I can
concentrate on the activity so well that I am taking part in without getting
worried about what strain I am putting on my clothing or what damage I am
causing to what I am wearing.

I prefer to wear only
branded climbing and camping clothing. I knew the big brands from my days of
climbing more seriously and so I would buy the well-known brands when I first
go into bushcraft. While these branded items still have a place in my wardrobe,
surprisingly it is more likely now that I will wear my big brand waterproof
jacket to the mall rather than look to use it in the wilderness. Instead when I
go climbing I prefer to wear my navy surplus waterproof jacket as it is made
from a much tougher weave of waterproof fabric than the branded item and as a
result I trust it more to keep my dry when I depend on it.

With army surplus
clothing, I have become really very impressed with army surplus equipment that
I use while camping. For example I would previously always take a tent with me
when I headed into the wilderness. While having a tent is a very reassuring
item to have in my backpack, the problem is of course that it is a heavy item
of equipment to take with me on my travels. With all the other equipment that I
tend to take with me when I head out hiking I found myself resenting that tent.
The result is that I found myself looking at military hammocks in my local
surplus shop. Concerned that I could not keep the weather out of a hammock I
eventually invested in a tarp to go with the hammock that I bought. Both of
these items were military surplus and were therefore good value. The good thing
is that if I ever wanted to replace either of these items for any reason they
are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. Certainly both the hammock and
the tarp together were about a third of the cost of a tent pole which bent and
became unusable in a high wind I experienced when i last went camping with a

There are a lot of
good things to be said about getting your outdoor clothing and equipment from a
military surplus store and this is
one of the reasons that army surplus UK wide is becoming more popular.

Army surplus
clothing is sometimes thought of as cheap. In fact it is just plain good value.
You can pick up a military surplus waterproof coat for a lot less money than a
branded waterproof jacket and it is often much harder wearing than its
commercial counterpart because it was designed for use in war or training in
tough environments. Because army surplus camouflage clothing has become more
popular with fashion houses, army surplus clothing has truly made it into
mainstream culture.

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