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An Easy Summary about Getting Veneers in Calgary

by auraminaya

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Not everyone in Cowtown is blessed with a perfect set of teeth. It's a beneficial thing that people can now get the teeth they've always desired with the help of veneers in Calgary. These are very thin shells that are added to the front of teeth to bolster their appearance. For more information about this process, the following is an introduction of the process of getting veneers.

The procedure begins with a smile analysis done by the dentist to determine whether you need veneers. He then makes a mockup of the results by cosmetic imaging so the patient can see the possible final result and determine if it's a choice he would like to pursue. Looking at the structure of the teeth additionally allows the dentist to identify if the patient qualifies for very little or 'no-prep' veneers.

Regular veneers require part of the tooth enamel to be extracted to create space for the veneer to fit. However, an alternative known as minimal or 'no-prep' veneers allows patients to get veneers without taking out as much tooth material. This can be done quickly and cause minimal pain because the initial tooth isn't touched.

Porcelain laminate veneers made of many ceramic layers are attached to the original teeth using an adhesive layer, which is made up of a resin put between the original tooth and the veneers. This is a light-sensitive product that hardens after being exposed to a special curing light. The dentist picks a color that fits the patient's natural teeth and shapes and polishes the resin to merge right in.

Veneers are the most ideal solution for teeth that are stained, chipped, and gapped. Also, it may be used to deal with bite related problems where tooth position is compromised. People who have been experiencing superficial stains that do not respond well to bleaching or teeth whitening in Calgary can finally enjoy giving a toothy grin.

Everyone looks a lot better with a smile. With the help of veneers, more people can gain self-confidence to grin from ear to ear. To find out more about the info above, see

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