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What Minneapolis Chiropractic Experts Say About PEMF

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Alternative medicine has been around helping people with mild and severe conditions since time immemorial. Many techniques considered as alternative medicine have peculiar sources and are quite far from the typical therapy given in medical centers. This was the case with magnets that have been believed to hold certain healing qualities ever since they were figured out 4,000 years back.

That skepticism may hold some truth, considering that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is progressively acclaimed as one of the nearest things humanity presently has to a cure-all. Certain Minneapolis chiropractic experts employ this technology to cure acute pain, high blood pressure, and even cracked bones. The medical application of this technology antedates to the 1960s, during which radio frequency diathermy was first created to treat tissue. Since then, the technology has given rise to many devices of all sizes, extending from hospital beds to knee pads.

How does PEMF work?

PEMF therapy works by exciting cells using different electromagnetic frequencies. Low frequencies are generally employed to penetrate tissues and organs, and therefore stimulate their electrical and chemical procedures. Particular PEMF frequencies are utilized to enhance cell features and wellness.

On the other hand, various PEMF devices are made to address certain parts of the body. At some Minneapolis chiropractic centers, PEMF devices the size of a stretcher are employed to handle clients with osteoporosis. Other equipment are fitted with patches that are put on the skin to cure muscular irritation and joint troubles, particularly on areas of the body that are hard to reach.

Is PEMF safe?

Different PEMF tools offer different intensities and frequencies. Several tools, when employed inappropriately, can bring more harm than good if the frequency employed is way past the suggested limit. It is therefore imperative to choose reliable chiropractors who are trained and qualified to conduct PEMF therapy using tools that bear the US Food and Drug Administration's seal of approval.

Ultimately, PEMF therapy forms part of a selection of alternative therapies that can attend to various bodily afflictions. The crucial thing is to identify a respectable chiropractor who displays the qualifications and expertise required to practice this treatment procedure. To learn more about PEMF, browse through



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