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Before You Buy from Ottawa Granite Countertop: An Overview

by robbiemarinero

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Granite is quite potentially the most famous stone of choice for functional use, specifically for making cooking area countertops. As it is pure stone collected from Ottawa quarries, you should know that granite in Ottawa is not exactly "manufactured" in a sense. Therefore, not all granite countertops have the same strength, structure, and color.


Granite is an igneous rock that often has the primary mineral elements quartz and feldspar in it. "Often" since not every little thing marketed as "granite" in fact has any quartz such as black granite. Hence, most granite products only share approximately the same sturdiness and resistance to heat, but their components may vary. Pink granite, for example, is colored as such since it has a tendency have higher concentrations of quartz than any other type granite.

One thing to also bear in mind is that granite is still a stone and is, therefore, breakable. Granite just needs some considerable stretching and flexing before it breaks. Despite the fact that it is durable for functional applications, a blunder in handling and transporting a giant piece of granite cross-country may cause it to pulverize inside the container.


As stated before, granite countertops vary in strength, and this is because of the variety of granite made use of in making them. Regardless, all granites have strong, tightly grown mineral grains that enable them to be invulnerable to heat or to acid. Biotite granite is considered the greatest of all granite types and is not just made use of for counter tops but also for monoliths and buildings.

Eventually, choosing the "top granite" is only a matter of inclination and function. It may come down to the color and design patterns that each piece of granite provided to you. Nevertheless, it can also boil down to the size of the granite you need, like one company offering countertops made from granite in Ottawa that offer tiles in different sizes varying from 12' x 12' and 2' x 4'.

The selection is yours. For a prospective purchaser such as yourself, it is suggested that you make sure that the granite that you want not just fits the requirements of your kitchen area but also its feel. For more tips on purchasing granite products, check out

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