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Putney has traditionally struggled to compete with its SW ne

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Putney has long been in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbours across the river. When it comes to the glitz and the glamour, it certainly can’t compare to Kensington and Chelsea. For housing without the hefty price tag most people prefer Fulham and Shepherds Bush, and they’re both closer to central too. It’s a shame because the area itself is lovely, full of lovely houses, nice little shops for the ladies and cheap Putney escorts for the gents. Perhaps the greatest treasure it contains though, is the rich wildlife that many would only associate with the outer suburbs. That in itself is a great reason to live here: think of how many city workers dream of having a little sanctuary in the country where they can escape from the cold steel and glass of metropolitan life. This is where Putney really shines. It can offer this sort of respite, without location being too much of an issue. Sitting on the district line, it has easy access to Victoria and is just a short travel away from the attractions of the West End and the shops of Oxford Street. Few other places manage such a balance. Bloomsbury and Paddington attempt to combine them and, although their squares are nice little patches of nature in an otherwise grey city, they can’t compare to the larger areas of wildlife that Putney has to offer.


The vast areas of parkland and greenery are the perfect place to enjoy a gentle stroll with a surprisingly cheap Putney escort, but that’s a joy that only a few have discovered. The area lacks the big shopping centres that can be found at Westfield and in central. It simply can’t compete with the tourist attractions that other parts of the city has to offer. Whilst it may be beautiful, that doesn’t seem to be enough to draw visitors in. Other areas of relaxation, like Little Venice, can bank on the steady flow of explorers that bring fresh economic relief to the area but Putney can’t seem to entice them in, which in turn means that less money is put into attractions, which completes the vicious cycle by making tourists even less likely to visit. In general people just don’t come here.

Until now that is. There has been a quiet, bloodless coup brewing in SW15. Slowly but surely, visitors are being drawn in by a remarkable little idea. It’s really quite simple: what can a nonchalant, leafy middle class area provide that’s good enough to draw in the tourists, what’s its USP? As it turns out, it’s the area’s own unremarkable nature, which gels perfectly with the modern trend of no nonsense, simple living. Suddenly, people are raving about the quality of the fruit and veg they got from Putney market, the lovely little antique they picked up after lunch and the quaint little wander they took through the area’s greenery. Suddenly, an area whose only real tourist draw was its great supply of cheap escorts is thoroughly in vogue, remarkable for being unremarkable.

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