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Is It Presently an Opportune Time to Sell a Dental Practice?

by Bartonhumphrey

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As practice transition specialists, thequestion “Is now a great time to sell a dental practice" is frequently asked.   While you will find many factors involved with deciding to sell your office, the simple comeback is ABSOLUTELY.  The present practice transition atmosphere in Texas features two important characteristics which are assisting to enhance practice value making it a perfect time for you to sell a dental practice:

1.Popular.  The effectiveness of the Texas economy, relatively low living costs, and moderate weather conditions are bringing in many dental practitioners from states like California, Arizona, and Michigan to Texas.  Texas also offers three dental schools which produce a large number of quantity graduates every year.  While a number of these graduates might have formerly selected to relocate, we're presently seeing a lot of them choosing to stay in Texas.  Consequently, the pool of potential purchasers has grown in the last 3 years and the trend is anticipated to continue.  With a the number of potential buyers growing the demand for quality practice acquisition opportunities is also increasing. 

A rise isn't the only factor presently affecting the transition market.  Many doctors who're within retirement age have postponed the purchase of the practices because of the current recession.  Consequently, there has been a comparatively fixed quantity of practice acquisition possibilities available in the last couple of years.  The rise sought after combined having a limited way to obtain possibilities, has led to a rise in the worth and marketability of quality practices making NOW a perfect time for you to sell a dental practice in Texas.

Something important to mention is as the baby boomer generation, retirement and the economy/stock exchange rebounds in the recent recession, increasingly more retailers will go into the marketplace.  Therefore, it's expected that supply and demand will ultimately achieve equilibrium and also the current strategic window to maximise the need for your practice could start to close.

2.Low Rates Of Interest.  Because of the truth that most purchasers depend on 3rd party financing to pay for practice purchases, rates of interest and also the accessibility to capital play a significant role in practice value and transitions.  Rates of interest are presently at an all-time low and various loan companies are providing 100% financing plus capital to qualified purchasers.  The present availability and inexpensive capital is permitting purchasers to easily manage to purchase practices and fueling the elevated interest in quality practice purchase possibilities.

As the current banking and rate of interest atmosphere turn it into a wonderful time to be buying or selling a practice, rates of interest will be growing substantially over the following five years.  Coupled with a rise in the quantity of practices available to buy, this might adversely impact the worth and marketability of dental practices in Texas and across the nation.

The standards we've talked about in the previous paragraphs make NOW a perfect time for you to sell a dental practice in Texas.  If you're thinking about a practice transition, don’t go in internet marketing alone.  A practice broker can help you formulate a transition technique to meet your own personal needs, confidentially advertise your practice to locate a buyer who's the best fit for the office, give a structured closing tactic to facilitate an even and timely transition, and increase the value you obtain for you personally practice.  You can call or send us an email when we can help for you by any means.

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