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A Review of how Sports Agents like Russ Herriott SEI Work

by shanamillikan

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A post from Sports Illustrated once stated that a bulk of former NBA and NFL players fail within a few years upon retirement. Many of these expert athletes lose their fortunes in just a few years, because of bad financial investments and regrettable spending habits.

If you're close to to begin a profession in professional sports, a sports representative may just be what you need to prevent the pitfalls explained above. Good sports agents, like Russ Herriott of SEI (Sports & Entertainment International Incorporated) can help you make the most from your professional sports career. A good agent offers a variety of perks for an athlete in any sport.

Business bargains

A sport representative can function as an intermediary for an athlete's offers and deals. He is legitimately able to take part in contracts and offers between an athlete and a sponsor for endorsements, reservations, and investments. The agent is accountable for minimizing conflict in between celebrations and ensuring the athlete meets the terms decided upon in his contract.

Salary settlements

Sports representatives are well versed in monetary settlements. They can participate in conversations about contracts to guarantee the sportsman gets what he deserves in regard to wage. He will evaluate any added agreements for rewards and other benefits, along with added monies that may be offered to the sportsman for signing an agreement. Of course, the representative generally gets a portion of the athlete's agreement pay.


On the realm of sports, a sportsman is an item, and as such, requires to be marketed. A sports representative plays an essential duty in the advertising of an athlete. He can play a managerial part in the athlete's press and public marketing undertakings consisting of TV, radio, and charity event appearances. Public relations work is an essential part of a sports representative's job.

If you want your revenues to last way beyond your professional occupation in sports, discovering a great sports agent, such as Russ Herriott of SEI is critical. A great agent will ensure that your finances find themselves in order. Think Jerry Maguire. Discover ways to pick the right sports agent for you from

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