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How To Install iPhone Light Controls

by xkglow

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There are three parts to installing your iPhone light control system to create a beautiful effect for your vehicle. The first is to install your iPhone lighting control software. This is a very easy step. Be sure to make sure that you do have an iPhone. Other types of smartphones run different operating systems and will not run the same apps. (However, most light control manufacturers distribute versions of their apps for all the major smartphone types.) Download your app from the lighting control distributor website as you would any other app. Many offer the app for free. Running the app is simple. You simply connect to the wireless network for the lighting system and choose your particular controller.


The second step is a little more involved. You must choose the location for your iPhone light control strips. Again, the lighting control distributor will have lots of information for different car types and illumination patterns. Many car owners will immediately jump in and start installing the strips in ways they think will look good. The problem is that if your LED lights are showing, or if you arrange them in a strange pattern, the overall effect may not be what you want. Even more importantly, you may end up with something that looks dumb or irritating. Unless you really know what you are doing, it is a good idea to start with recommended installation placement from the manufacturer, and experiment from there.


No matter how you end up placing the lights, it's a good idea to try a particular iPhone lighting control strip position, and see if you like it. Attach the strips temporarily, so you can move them around if you like. Try each position for an hour, not just a few minutes. Sometimes mistakes will not show up right away. Let your friends have a look and get as many unbiased opinions as you can. Wait until you are completely satisfied before you commit to a particular pattern.


The final step is perhaps the most challenging. You need to wire in each of your strips. The overall idea is that you do not want to mar the body of your car. If you do need to drill a hole for a wire, better to do it into an inexpensive part of the car like a tail light cover than to drill a hole into the car body. This will preserve the look of your car if you ever decide to remove the lights or sell the car. When you are ready, disconnect the battery and make all of your wire attachments. With this final step, you are ready to enjoy your iPhone light control system.


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