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Which is Better? Bacon or Sausage Recipes

by dionenye

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A healthy breakfast should not necessarily omit foods that have long been labeled as fattening. It would not hurt to feature some meat dishes to your breakfast if done moderately. Still, you'll need to know whether a particular meat preparation is the best option for you. Two of the most popular breakfast fares are summarized here.


The best thing about sausages is that they provide such a broad variety from which to select from. There's Polish sausage, Kielbasa, Salami, Bratwurst, Sweet, Cervelat, Boudin Blanc, Andouille, and a lot of more. They can be prepared fresh, smoked, cooked, dry, and semi-dry. The sausages that come with the most preservatives are cured sausages, so it's best to reduce their use in your delectable sausage recipes if you would like to eat healthy.


Bacon is cured meat which most medical practitioners claim is not really good for your health. For one, bacon is high in preservatives known as nitrates that can develop into nitrite in your body. Ingested regularly, nitrite hikes your risk of developing cancer. You may find nitrate-free bacon products available though.

Bacon is cured, and the procedure consists of a high level of sodium which can leave you vulnerable to heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. Bacon cured in salt water offers even higher salt quantities than those cured by dry packing. Likewise, the meat is high in saturated fat. The same is true for sausages but because bacon is less filling, you may wind up taking in more saturated fat with bacon than with sausage.

Sausages: The better preference

You'll never find bacon that's not cured, but you can surely buy an un-cured sausage. The latter can even be made out of lean meats that are low in fat and high in valuable amino acids. Find sausages with no used chemicals like nitrates or MSG. If you're looking for more flavor, sausages can be cooked with spices and natural herbs, specifically pepper, for that delightful taste.

If you want to include meat in your morning meal, sausage is the better preference. However, you need to prepare sausage recipes in small amounts because pork meat is still not as lean as chicken, beef, or fish. Nonetheless, sausage gives more nutritional value in comparison to bacon. Know about the various kinds of sausage through

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