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Boom of the iPhone Application Development Industry

by anonymous

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You do not need to be an expert to tell that iPhone application market is growing by leaps and bounds. The change is pretty much evident with the number of apps competing in a particular category. Games are probably the most competitive category but this competition is actually good for the end consumer. According to a research, the average size of an application in iPhone has increased by around 16% last year while game section has gained a remarkable 42%. Let’s try to understand why this change is good for you as a user and as a business owner too.

  • Advanced features

User: It is obviously a great thing to get new features and updates which are dominantly a result of the competition. Brands have to evolve constantly in order to keep the users happy and away from trying other products on the App Store.

Business: The competition also keeps developers on the toes. If you are reaping money from an app then it is better to do something with it over and over again. These changes only help trump the competitions in the market.

  • Low cost

User: Free competition markets are usually better than monopolies or duopolies in terms of prices. As a user you get dozens of options in the category fighting for your attentions. Super-saver deals, discounts on upgrades and other lucrative options are bound to make you happy. Can it get any better with several apps being available for free?

Business: While competition can hurt your revenue, you can actually get the apps developed at very low costs. Moreover, a simple game app when delivered for free can advertise in such a way that even the magazine ads and banners cannot do.

  • Choice

User: With iPhones and iPads floating in the market, wouldn’t it be better to get an app which caters to your needs? Apple’s app store has literally dozens of choices for an app you want. You can possibly never run out of options or get bored with this kind of variety.

Business: The bad news is that you would have to do a lot of research and the good news is that it helps in proper user segmentation. Wouldn’t it be better to make apps which cater to needs of a special segment and exclusively helps them? It would not only decrease costs but will also help you score over generalized versions.

  • Global touch

User: Whether you are living in a small town in Africa or in London, applications help connect to the world. A workout freak can get lessons on how to stay fit while a music lover can learn playing Spanish guitar, applications have certainly changed the way we used to think of the world.

Business: Applications also allow brands to be established globally and connect with potential or existing customers. You can create shopping apps or ask people from around the world to donate for a cause with just an initial development expense. Can it get any simpler than this?

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