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Help save the Ecosystem and make it a better place to live

by anonymous

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Our planet is changing day by day, perhaps getting worse.  We need to help it change for better and we're asking everybody help to do that!  There are a lot of things that affect our planet negatively but the good news is that everyone can help to reduce them and do their bit for the better environment.


Everyone has some kind of destructive impact on the natural environment in an industrialized world today; this is scaring though but is a reality to accept. However, the extent to which people negatively impact their environment can absolutely be reduced by a number of ways. Whether it's making large efforts or simple ones, there are many ways that everyone can do their part to help preserve the health of the environment.


Here are few things that every American can change in order contribute towards the conservation of the ecosystem.

  • Light bulbs are an easy switch for the homes. Compact fluorescent bulbs last longer and use less energy than incandescent bulbs, so you will also save money by using them.
  • Many municipalities already offer good recycling programs. All glass, cans and paper should be recycled, along with as much plastic as possible.
  • You may notice that cleaning products can be harsh on the eyes and nose. They can also be hard on the environment too. So in order to prevent this, the most household cleaning should be done using baking soda, white vinegar and lemon. You will save money and water as well that is used in cleaning.
  • Invest in a set of canvas bags. You can use these for a lot of shopping. Most people use them for groceries, but bring them along when buying books, toys or even clothes. Say no to plastic as it has a drastic effect on the environment.
  • Utilize greywater for things like flushing the toilet and watering the garden. If you use natural soaps without harsh chemicals, the water from your bath or shower can be reused in your garden. Also, this water can be reused to flush your toilet.
  • Get involved with a local environmental nonprofits and Animal Rights Organizations. There is always a need for volunteers that are dedicated to the environment, and there are a lot of ways to engage with such bodies and show your unique skills.
  • Start replacing your current appliances with Energy Star models. This can be a little pricey, but most states have some sort of incentive program to help citizens pay for these types of upgrades. This consumes less power when compared to the other models, thus saves energy.
  • Buy groceries and other household items from local vendors and manufacturers. When you buy from local stores, farmers, and manufacturers, you are eliminating the energy used to ship goods from one place to another, resulting in a very positive impact.
  • Engage with Animal Rights Organizations and help them in their conservation efforts. You must know that humans and animals both play a major role in balancing the earth’s environment and keeping it stable. So in order to have a greener environment we must majorly protect and save the animal species that are rapidly vanishing from the earth. By doing so we will make the earth a better place for all the living creatures.

There are many such organizations and centers that are working for Animal Rights in the United States of America and are putting all their efforts to save the natural amenities on the planet earth and make it safer to live. Join them and be a part of change.

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